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Here, we have a collection of what I consider to be the best of the web (that I've seen anyway). You will find only the coolest, funniest, and most useful web sites in existence. If you have any suggestions for sites that should go on my Oh-So-Selective list, send me an E-Mail with the site's URL in it. (For those of you who have no idea what a URL is, that's the site's address.)




Make money while surfing the net, just for having a banner at the bottom of your screen.

Austin Powers Online

The home of the two greatest movies of all time, and Great Britain's top secret agent.

Blizzard's online gaming network.

Blizzard Entertainment

The genius behind such games as WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo.


The search engine that I use most of the time.


The creators of the SimCity series.

the Nintendo Power Source

Nintendo Power Online.


The home of Windows, Internet Explorer, and some pretty cool games.

StarCraft Infoceptor

My favorite StarCraft related site.

the Zone

A great place to play almost any game over the internet. It's managed by Microsoft, and it's free!

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