Welcome to Brak's Page of Fun
Welcome to Brak's Page of Fun. There are toys on this page, so if you're immature, leave. Toys are for the truly mature people.
This is Brak, the coolest cartoon
character on earth. 'Nuff said.
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the ultimate Brak page
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Network, home of Brak.
My sister thinks that Yoda is Brak's dad,
so I put his picture up here. Heaven
knows what she inhales.
Toy soldiers are some of the coolest things on
earth. Though not all are toys themselves,
they're still really cool.
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my pokemon page
Use the force of your mouse and
click on old Darth Vader to go to
the official Star Wars site.
In case you haven't heard about it,
the big thing on the internet nowadays
is hamsterdance.com. This page is
quite possibly the most awesome page
on the web as we know it (click on
the above hamsters to go to it).
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Smurf page (you'll love it).
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February 13, 1999