Mystery Science Theater 3000
Bot Construction and Part Descriptions


Check the link section on this page to contact the best bot part maker out there. His latest creation is the replication of the hockey mask for Crow. If you need one stop shopping this is the way to go. He has replicas of most of the difficult to find parts for Tom and Crow.

Why hello there. This site is going to be dedicated to the wonderful show Mystery Science Theater 3000. It will include links to other MiSTie approved sites as well as information on the construction of your very own robot friends.

Sorry that I have not updated this page very much in the past year. I will attempt to update this page in the comming months so that it is a more complete guide to bot building. I will continue in the attempt to construct a very informative page for the dedicated MiSTies.


I believe that the following pic and the pics in front of the links for the other pages is representative of what this site is like so far.

Picture Page
Tom Servo Construction Page--Almost done
Crow T. Robot Construction Page--Some stuff
Gypsy and Cambot Construction Page--Most of the stuff for Gypsy
MST3K and other links--More to Come

Various items for sale: sci-fi and otherwise

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this to avoid lawsuits. I am not part of Best Brains Incorporated. Nor am I making this site for profit. I am merely making a site that will alow anyone with an interest in building bots to make them. I will have parts available for trade, either for other parts or for various episodes. E-mail me for more specifics on getting your own parts. I will have links to other bot builder sites in case I am not able to make a deal. Note: I will try to help everybody I can, please e-mail me first and then I will transfer you to a fellow bot builder.

In the meantime if you have any questions just e-mail me.


You are number damn it Bobo, you messed everything up