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Seinfeld Trivia

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Updated April 16, 1998

Hi, and welcome to the ALL NEW Seinfeld Trivia Game!!!

Now, there are two different types of Trivia Games for you to choose from! Depending on which browser you are currently using, you can choose the Netscape Seinfeld Trivia Game, or the Microsoft Internet Explorer Seinfeld Trivia Game! If you are using AOL, click on the Microsoft Internet Explorer Trivia Game. Both Trivia Games have the same questions, with the exception of "The Super Stumper", which is in the Netscape Trivia Game version. Well, let's not waste any more time. Click on one of the Links below to choose your path. Good Luck!

Netscape Seinfeld Trivia Game
- OR -
MSIE Seinfeld Trivia Game