The Character Bios

Here you can look at bios of past and present characters on One Life To Live. Click on the character's name and it will take you to their bio. There will always be more and more bios added regularly, so come back and check to see if there is any more up.

If you would like to help out in writing some of these bios just E-mail me! Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!

Current Characters on OLTL:
Asa Buchanan
Bo Buchanan
Jessica Buchanan
Blair Cramer
Rae Cummings
Renee Divine
Max Holden
Lindsay Rappaport
Antonio Vega

Past Characters on OLTL:
Austin Buchanan
Olympia Buchanan
Joey Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan
Kelly Cramer
Grace Davidson
Roseanne Delgado
LeeAnn Demerest
Stephanie Hobart
Irene Manning Clayton
Didi O'neill
Harry O'neill
Sophia Pelligrino
John Sykes

Many more!

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