The Casts Contracts

^ means they are leaving the show
; means it's possible they could be leaving the show in the near future

Actor(Character)-------------when contract is up

Erika Slezak(Viki Lord Davidson)-------------Unknown
Mark Derwin(Ben Davidson)-------------------------January of 2004
Erin Torpey(Jessica Buchanan)--------------------September of 2002
Phil Carey(Asa Buchanan)---------------------------May of 2003
Robert S. Woods(Bo Buchanan)------------------------February of 2006
Hillary B. Smith(Nora Buchanan)--------------------Unknown
Kassie Depavia(Blair Cramer Manning)--------------October of 2005
^Roger Howarth(Todd Manning)------------------------May of 2002
Kristen Alderson(Starr Manning)-----------------------April of 2006
Catherine Hickland(Lindsay Rappaport)---------------April of 2004
Laurence Lau(Sam Rappaport)-----------------------Unknown
Jessica Morris(Jen Rappaport)----------------------Unknown
Ty Treadway(Troy MacIver)----------------------------Unknown
Patricia Elliot(Renee Divine Buchanan)-------------April of 2005
Timothy D. Stickney(R.J. Gannon)---------------------Unknown
Nathon Purdee(Hank Gannon)------------------------Unknown
Sherri Saum(Keri Reynolds)-------------------------Unknown
Kamar de los Reyes(Antonio Vega)-------------------January of 2005
David Fumero(Christian Vega)--------------------------June of 2003
Linda Dano(Rea Cummings)----------------------------Unknown
James Depavia(Max Holden)-------------------------October of 2005
Fiona Hutchison(Gabrielle Medina)---------------------April of 2004
Nathaniel Marston(Al Holden)------------------------------Unknown
^Brandon Routh(Seth Anderson)--------------------------May of 2004
Melissa Archer(Natalie Balsom)---------------------------Unknown
Barbara Garrick(Allison Perkins)--------------------------Unknown
Ilene Kristen(Roxanne Balsom)---------------------------Unknown
Teddy Sears(Chad)---------------------------------------Unknown

When a actors contract is up that doesn't mean thats when the actor is leaving the show, the actor can decide if they would like to resign or not. If they don't want to resign at the end of their contract they leave the show. The actors that are not listed are either not on the show any more or they are recurring characters. A recurring character is some one who is not on contract, they just come on the show occasionaly when needed. And can leave at any time.

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