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Roger Howarth(Todd Manning) leaving the show in late July...............Erin Torpey(Jessica Buchanan) in serious contract negotiations with OLTL...............Barbara Garrick(Allison Perkins) leaving the show in the end of the Summer..............Susan Haskell(ex-Marty Saybrooke) rumored to be returning to the show...............Read more news at the OLTL news section!

Casting Comings and Goings!

There are several casting shakeups that have come out in the past two weeks. There are several actors leaving the show, several rumored to, and several rumored to return. Roger Howarth(Todd Manning) is leaving the show, which has been expected for months now. His last airdate is in late July or early August. Barbara Garrick(Allison Perkins) is also leaving the show. He last tapedate is sometime in late July. Erin Torpey(Jessica Buchanan) is in serious contract negotiations with the show and has been rumored to return for months now. It has been reported that the actress wants to pursue and singing career, but it's not for sure that she's leaving yet. Mark Derwin(Ben Davidson) is leaving the show to shoot his new primetime show "Life With Bonnie". The role of Ben will likely be open for him to return once he's done shooting his show. Also leaving are several new characters that hadn't planned on staying long anyways like Florencia Lozano(Tea Delgado), John Cunningham(Ray Cummings), and Shawn Christian(Ross Raymond).

Rumored to return to the show for months now was Robin Strasser(ex-Dorian Lord Hayes), but that won't happen. She is returning to Passions instead. Strasser's agent called OLTL, but they told him that they had no immediate plans to bring back Dorian at this time.

Also rumored to return is Susan Haskell(ex-Marty Saybrooke). It is said that she would return this fall. There has been no word about this return from OLTL yet, and it is unknown what storyline she would be involved in. Also still rumored to return is Tina. It is unknown what actress would be playing the role if the character would return. It is also rumored that Nathaniel Marston(Al Holden) and Steve Richard Harris(Seth Anderson) will be let go from the show at the end of the Summer.

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