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For the Week of June 17th through the 21st:


Tea considers whether to tell Todd the truth about what she told Blair. Blair fights her feeling for Todd. Blair heads back to Llanview, leaving Todd in Hawaii. Ross presents a new obstacle. Todd's plans go awry when he, Tea, and Ross end up fighting for their lives when a tropical storm hits. Todd and Ross struggle for control of the boat that Todd had planned to use to take his kids away. The boat sinks, stranding the trio on a deserted island near Hawaii. Surviving the wreck, Ross and Tea wake up on Paia Beach and go in search for Todd. Tea and Ross find a seemingly lifeless Todd in the Maui surf and nurse him back to consciousness. Todd, Tea, and Ross are forced to seek shelter as they struggle to survive.


Bo begins to suspect that Viki is metally unstable. Niki continues to attempt to drive Natalie crazy, and uses Jen to help her carry out to scheme. Renee comes close to discovering Niki's plans, but Niki manages to cover her tracks. Roxy goes to Viki for a favor. "Viki" and Roxy team up in their vendetta against Natalie. Natalie is embarrassed when Rex asks a sensitive question. Natalie seeks help and asks a important question.

Other storylines

Keri convinces Antonio to find Rae's ex-boyfriend Mark. Rae is upset with Keri and Antonio's actions. Jen visits Lindsay in jail and unwittingly agrees to help her with her evil plans. Allison gets a visitor in prison. Sam and Ben have a heart-to-heart talk. Nora is in awe of her good fortune. Troy is upset when Nora asks him about his past. Troy confides in Nora about a past heartbreak. Nora comes up with a special surprise for Troy. Chad inspires Emily. Al comforts Jen as Natalie and Christian grow closer. Natalie spies an exposed Christian. Jen questions Christian about their relationship. Max comes up with a plan to rid himself of Roxy. Max turns to R.J. for a favor. Max asks Rex for his help with Roxy.

Next Week on One Life To Live:

Blair orchestrates a distraction.

Rae is unnerved when she receives an unexpected phone call.

Lindsay pleades with Ben.

Ben demands answers.

Max resorts to desperate measures to get rid of Roxy.

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