Who am I? The Game

Last weeks winner was Taureen Newland. The correct answer was Hank Gannon.

Guess who the character is by the description, and you win. That is if you get it right. And if more than one person gets it right, then a person will be picked at random. The who am I person can be a former resident of Llanview or a current resident. So here it is. Click on Submit when ready to send.


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I have lived in Llanview for a very long time. I know almost all it's residents. I am a very rich a powerful figure in this town. During my time in Llanview I have been married several times, had an affair or two, I've had a child of mine die, and even come close to death a couple times. Also, I have several family members that also live in Llanview.

Who am I?

Bo Buchanan
Blair Cramer Manning
Asa Buchanan
Viki Lord Davidson
Max Holden



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