Lacey Chabert's Bio

Born in dear old Purvis, Mississippi on September 30, 1982, Lacey has a family of 5 including herself. There's her Father, Tony, Mother, Julie, Sister, Wendy (21), other Sister, Crissy (19) & younger brother named TJ. She currently lives in Ventura County, California. She has one dog which is a female Minature Doberman Pinscher, Hershey, named after Hershey Park. I hear that Abu was killed, correct me if I'm wrong, named after Disney's little monkey in Aladdin.

Lacey began acting at age 8. Her career began with one little cough. How could one little cough lead to such great success? Well, actually, she was in a Triaminic commercial where she had to cough, since Triaminic is a cough medicine (for all you foreigners who don't know what that is). She was in New York at the time. New York was where she became big! She landed a job on Broadway as young Cosette and also the understudy of Gavrouche in Les Miserables. She remained in New York for a little while longer and gained a part in Gypsy & A Little Piece of Heaven, which are tv movies.

Lacey and Publicity

Lacey's really hittting the box offices! She will be doing the Nickelodeon tv show, The Wild Thornberries & she will also be working on Disney's Lion King II. Lacey has thousands of fans of all ages with questions and lots of loving words! She is now in magazines such as People, Entertainment, Bop, 16, Teen & Seventeen magazine. Lacey also signs autographs when she makes her appearances.