Guest Stars

* Party of Five has had many re-occuring guest stars and here they are~!

* Bullseye as Thurber ~ Thurber is the Salinger dog which is portrayed by Bullseye. He was selected from Riverside, California. He was only 2 years old when he created the role of Thurber Salinger (the dog). He wieighs 50 punds and has brown eyes.

His trainer is David McMillan of Worldwide Movie Animals.

Bullseye is a caring and quite loveable English Bulldog.

* Paula Devicq portrays Kirsten Bennet who was Charlie's fiance, but things didn't work out.

She was born on July 7, 1965. She was discovered in her college years. One of Paula's debuts were while she was in New York doing Jogn Patrick Shanley's one act play, The Wild Geese. She also stared in the tv cable movie Wounded Heart.
Paula is to be back this season! She's BACK!

* Jeremy London portrays Griffin Holbrook, Jill's brother who was Bailey's girlfriend who died of a drug overdose, and the husband of Julia Salinger.

Jeremy grew up in dear old Oklahoma and Texas and now presently lives in Los Angeles, California. Jeremy has a twin brother named, Jason and they were born on November 7, 1972. Jeremy plays the drums and guitar and Jason is a great songwriter so it pretty much works out.

Jeremy has starred in Angel Falls, The Lemon Grove, I'll Fly Away, In Broad Daylight, A Lantern in Her Hand, Travis Country. Levitation, The Babysitter, & Mallrats!

Alexondra Lee is 21 years old. She can be seen on Party of Five as Callie who is Bailey Salingers ex-girlfriend.

She is the baby of a very large family. Alexondra went to The School of American Ballet. She began this art of dancing at the age of 4. She danced in nurmerous performances as in The Nutcracker Suite, The Circus, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Alexondra moved to California when she was 12 to pursuit her acting roles. Alexondra made her big debut when she was 16 in 1993 in The Road Killers.

Alexondra had to move back to New York due to the Los Angeles earthquake.

As of now, Alexondra has a re-occuring role on Party of Five & is continuing her studies.

* Michael Goorjian portrays Justin who is Julia Salingers ex-boyfriend and current friend.

Michael Goorjian was born on February 4, 1973 in Oakland, California. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He sings, acts, directs, dances, and choreographs ever since he was in junior high. He has a sure hand on the theater business.

Michael has had roles in David's Mother, Life Goes On, Sweet Justice, Hull High, The Flood, Chaplin, Leaving Las Vegas, Forever Younger, Newsies, Under Suspicion & Party of Five. He won an Emmy in 1994 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series. He sure has lots of talent!

* Scott Grimes portrays Bailey's best friend Will.

Scott was born on July 9, 1971. He was on television series such as Birdland, Together We Stand, & Nothing is Easy. He also guest starred on Who's the Boss?. His feature films include Critters & Crimson Tide.

Scott currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

* Tamara Taylor portrays Grace Wilcox who was Charlie Salingers girlfriend.

Tamara was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She has always wanted to be an actress, but she didn't get serious until she moved to Los Angeles, California.

You may know Tamara as the spokesperson for AT&T! She has been the spokesperson since 1993.

Tamara has a Chihuahua which she enjoys being with named Big Poppa. She also enjoys going to the beach, movies or reading.

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