Scott Wolf as Bailey Salinger

Name ~ Scott Richard Wolf
Birthplace ~ New Jersey
Birthdate ~ June 4, 1968
Residence ~ Los Angeles, California
Sign ~ Gemini
Family ~ Susan & Steven (Mom and Dad) Michael, Gary and Jessica (siblings)

Scott Wolf portrays Bailey Salinger on Party of Five. Bailey is a college student with lots of pressure on him.

Scott has been in other productions such as White Squall, Double Dragon, Terms of Endearment, Teenage Bonnie, Klepto Clyde, & Evening Star. He also had guest spots on Parker Lewis Can't Lose, The Commish, Kids Incorporated, Evening Shade & Saved by the Bell.

Scott was born and raised in good old New Jersey. He grew up loving sports, he was an athlete. He often dreamed of becoming an actor, he was into the movie business and stuff.

Scott was engaged to Alyssa Milano of Who's the Boss?, but they broke it off. Scott then was with Party of Five's Paula Devicq who portrays Kirsten. After they moved in together, they broke up. Now he is possibly single!

Scott has lots of talent with his acting! You can feel the strength!