Why I Love Him

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Why I Love Him

Begin Log

He drives me crazy! Why does he have to get the worst away missions? I guess I can't blame him Harry did volunteer him, I'll just have to kill Harry when they get back! I miss him already--even though they just left an hour ago. Why does he do this to me, its not fair he just seems to attract danger. worst of all I'm off duty and the captain has been yelling at me for working too much so I get to sit here and worry until he gets back.

end log

B'Ellana Torres sat back on her couch pulled up her blanket with a warm cup of tea when something on her table caught her eye. Upon closer inspection she found a data pad from....Tom.

Dear Bella,

Sorry I had to go on this away mission, (I'll thank Harry later) and I wish I could still have dinner with you tonight instead of dinning on the lovely food Nelix provided with Harry and Mr. "excitement" Tuvok. So to make up for my absence I have prepared a little game for you. You can't begin to imagine how much I miss you and wish I was there with you. Your my beautiful, amazing Bella.

Love Tom

p.s. Have fun!

*Well now that I can't be made at him I guess I'll try his little game*

1. Walk over to your desk under your vase is a note with further instructions.

*Tom Paris what are you up to? And what were you doing in my quarters?*

2. Glad you decided to play! Pick up the data padd to the left. Its an engineering report you forgot to deliver. Looks like you have a delivery for deck 11 in your office look in your top drawer. xoxoxoxoxoxox Tom

Deciding she better follow his little game she left her quarters--deck 11 in mind.

"Chief, what are you doing here I believe your under orders to spend less time here"

"Carey I just have to drop something off in my office and pick something up then I'll be gone, I promise!" B'Ellana replied still a little agitated over her suspension form engineering. She just hoped the Captain wouldn't come. Whatever Tom's little plan was it had better be worth it! 3. I love you so much glad your here.....(I hope knowone finds this before you...)For your next clue look in the sickbay at 1200 hours the Doctor goes to the holodeck and stays for 2 hours. Hope you get there in time attached to the bottom of the 3 biobed is your next clue!

Computer time. "beep"1152"beep" *Great 8 minutes looks like I'm right on time! 1205 *Good the doctor is gone. Lets see bed 3.....*

4.Almost done! Now it's time for the finally which you'll find in my quarters my coffee table holds the last clue. *I hope nobody has seen me, I've been acting rather odd.*

*Did he have to lock the door? He's probably just testing me but I know the access codes.*

5.I'll be home soon so its time for your prize look on my bed.

B'Ellana walked over to Tom's bed, and she didn't know what to expect. When she got to it she found a small box and a note.


I hope you realize how much I trully love you. My sweet, darling Bella.

Love, Tom Rather shocked at his recent expressions of love she opened the box without a hesitation. inside was a beautiful silver ring with a heart on it and in the centre of the ring was a diamond. B'Ellana was caught speechless and wished Tom was there that instant. She sat down on his bed and just waited.

~~~~~~~~~~1 hour later~~~~~~~~~~

*swoosh* the familliar sound of starfleet doors brought B'Elanna out of her daze. She walked out into the main living area to find her Boyfriend, with the sight of him covered in planitary dust she ran into his arms. Arms that greeted the hug with enthusiasm.

"I missed you Bella"

"I missed you too" wispered so quietly he just caught it before she pulled him in for a kiss.

"Did you play the game?"

"Of course I did and I loved it"

Tom held her hands and noticed she was wearing the ring he got her.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it" Tom bent down for another kiss and quickly they found themselves lying on his bed, and there feelings truly expressed. However this is rated G so we'll just leave it with that!

**************************************************************** Wow that was very mushy but it had to be written! It's for all the stories that have been written that make me cry I felt the need to write a happy one and now I feel better. I'm sorry its my first fanfic.......Next time I'll try to include a plot!

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