By: LOL (Lauren)
Rating: PG

Synopsis: The senior staff needs a little break and go to a small Cabin in the Holodeck, but B'Ellana finds herself in a position unable to participate in every way.

Disclaimer: Yeah we know, Paramount owns em' I'm just borrowing them all characters belong to the Star Trek creators.  I'm just a fan who can't even drive so let me be.

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"Are you all packed and ready 'Lanna?" Tom asked his now live in girlfriend.

"Yeah I'm ready.  So I guess I won't see you till tonight?"  I wonder what the Captain has planned?"
B'Ellana replied.

"Frankly I don't care, any kind of vaction would be just fine right about know!"

"Your absolutly right!  but I have to get to engineering and set them straight before I leave."

"My B'Ellana, you have such faith in your engineers" Tom said ever so sarcastically which earned him a glare and a pillow thrown at his head.  "OK, If your going to be in engineering all day do you want me to 
bring your bag to the Holodeck?"

"Sure, thank you,  but I do have to get going now." They shared a quick kiss and she was gone.


Double shifts in engineering are never fun, but why do I feel so sick? B'Ellana thought to her self, but before her thoughts could continue Joe Carey started to talk to her.

"Chief are you OK you don't look to well"

"I'll be fine, Joe"

"Look, no boss of mine will stay and work in less than perfect condition when she has a vaction to go on.   Look just go see the doctor, if you can't trust us for an hour how will you ever survive a whole week?"

"Alright, if it wil make you happy, I'll go see the Doctor." 

"Good!  Because I would hate to have to call the nurse down from the bridge to get you out of here"

"I'm going, I'm going!" she said in a less than serious tone.

Although to be perfectly honest with herself she was happy Joe told her to go, if she stayed much longer without seeing the doctor she would not have been able to do much work.



"Ah Lieutenant Torres, what can I do for you today?  Are you looking forward to the little vaction?" the EMH said in his usuall tone.

"Actually I have been feeling kind of sick, and yes if you can make me feel better than I will definatly look forward to vaction."

"Hmmm, have you felt this way before?"

"No, it just started in engineering today." she told him as he got out his tricorder and began to scan.  With a little smirk he told her the results.

"Well B'Ellana, you'll be happy to know that you are going to be just fine and your not sick.  I can give you something for the sick feeling.  However you will have to watch you activities, no alcohol for one."

"Why?" she asked curiously as the doc looked like he just found out the biggest news"

"I thought you would never ask!  Your Pregnant!" He said a little to excited for her.  "You and Nelix are going to be parents!"


"Just kidding, a little Doctor humor,  you and Mr. Paris can be expecting the little bundle of joy in about eight months."

"Oh" B'Ellana said sitting down on a biobed trying to let the news set in.

"B'Ellana are you all right?  Is this baby not exactly good news?" the doctor said as a more serious tone overtook him, feeling a little worried about his friend.

"No it's not that it's just a little unexpected thats all"

"So it's good than right?"

"Yeah it's great news.  I don't know when I'm gonna tell them, but I guess this week will be as good a time as any, I just hope I'll get the chance to tell Tom before everyone else."

"Let me guess, I can't say anything can I?"

"Hey I can't stop you from doing anything, lets just say if you do chose to tell anyone before me, I'll have to do some work on your program, Ok?"

"Yes mamm"  he said in his best Tom impression "See you at the party tonight lieutenant"



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