Synopsis: The senior staff wait outside the holodeck doors for the Captain to let them in for the vaction.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything; Star Trek, the characters and everything else in the story.

Dedicated to someone who I drove crazy and bugged to her to finish her stories and of course everyone else at Heather's message board. :)


B'Elanna hurried through the corridors desperate not to be late the Captain gave a specific time for the senior staff to be at holodeck one and good old B'Elanna was running late. It was just a good thing Tom brought her bag too so she wouldn't have to make a detour from engineering.


"Tom, the Captain said to pack light, whats with the bags?" Harry asked his friend.

"One's B'Elanna's"

"Oh I see" he said trying to hide the smirk that was forming on his lips, "You've been living with her for a week and she's already got you under her control!"

"Harry she's had me under control for a lot longer than that" They looked at each other and both started to laugh.

"Well Tom, look who decided to join us" he said as B'Elanna headed towards them.

"Nice of you to join us B'Elanna" Harry quipped but to B'Elanna's relief nobody had been let in the holodeck so she was fine.

"Thanks Harry."

"Where were you? Giving the poor engineers last minute details, or saying good bye to the warp core"

"Never mind Harry, I'm here now thats all that matters" B'Elanna really did not feel like going into details on why she really was late.*save that for later*

"Ah hello Lietenant, and how are we feeling?" the doctor said, enjoying his knowledge about the baby.

"Just fine Doctor"

"Not feeling sick?"

"Yes, I feel fine" she said getting a little aggitated with the hologram.

"Good, I would hate for you to feel ill on your vaction."

"I'm just fine Doctor" she said with a look that said 'one more word and your history'.


"Where is the Captain? It shouldn't take this long" Tom said "Do you think we should just go in?"

"Give her a minute Tom, she's probably making some last minute adjustments."Chakoty said.

"Hey where's Neelix?"

"Maybe he's inside with the Captain"

"Well I hope they hurry up, I wanna see whats instore for the next week." Tom said, and just as he finished the holodeck doors opened up and they walked inside.

End of part 2 ****************************************************************

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