Vaction--Day -1 cont'
Part 3
by LOL

Synopsis: Their Vaction Begins!

Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, I just borrow them!


"I see we all decided to show up, thats good. I guess I'll tell you why were here. The other day Neelix and I were talking about how little shore leave we've had, and how the crew deserves some time to relax. So I thought what better than to get the senior staff together for a vaction. After our week is up other crewmembers will be allowed to form their own small groups and have a vaction as well."

"Of course for people who may not get in for a while we decided to leave Holodeck two open for regular use." Neelix added to the Captains speech.

"Sounds nice," Commented Tom Paris. "No point in waiting for a good shore leave planet forever."

"Safer too." added Harry.

"So what exactly are we going to do on our vaction?" B'Elanna asked.

"You'll see, but first I should show you around the cabin we'll be staying in." the captain said as she escorted them to the living room. "I tried to make it authentic while still maintaining some of the comforts of this century. As some of you may have noticed-Tom, this cabin is roughly 20th century." they were standing in a room with couches, pillows and recliners with a window with a worderful view out to the beach. "If you walk out the front door it leads you to the wonderful beach, and out the back door their is a forest."

"Of course to make it more comfortable for us all we eliminated some of the pesky creatures, no bugs or flys; but we left in cute animals in the forest like bunnies and squirls." Neelix interupted.

"Well captain, sounds like you and Neelix put alot of effort into this program" Chakoty said.

"Well we tried," she replied. "But there's still lots more to see. Here is the kitchen, and up those stairs are the bedrooms, there are three so we sleep three to a room, but I'll explain that later when it's time to go to bed. So what do you think?"

"Captain, I couldn't help to notice a TV in the other room...." Tom said "What do you plan to do with that? Are we gonna watch movies?"

"Well you'll just have to wait and see now won't you Mr. Paris?"

"But I wanna know now!"

"Tom stop acting like a baby!" Chakoty said as chuckles went around the room (and I'm not talking about Chakoty!)


"Moving right along, Captain, how about we start the first activity?" Neelix asked

"Good idea, we took the liberty of putting you with partners, the person you get is your partner for the whole week. Although sometimes we may be in larger groups, And sometimes we may pick our own teams." The captain explained.

*Great* B'Elanna thought *watch me get stuck with Tuvok!*

"Nelix go ahead and read off the groups"

"Ok, Harry is with Seven, Doctor, your with Tuvok, Chakoty your with the Captian, and Tom and B'Elanna are together."

*Wow better than I thought, I guess it's supposed to be vaction, might as well keep us happy* B'Elanna thought as she started to like the whole vaction idea, *If they take away my warp core they at least had the intelligence to stick me with Tom!*

"Now Neelix is sort of the MC for the week and most of the games and activities were his idea, I took care of the food;" -Sighs of relief could be heard throughout the room-"but was still involved in alot of the planning." the captain said, "Neelix take it away!"


Yes it's over, the next part is comming soon, it's taking me awhile but I'm just building the excitement.....or at least trying to, feedback is always welcome at:!