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The clan MacTroll are nothing like those evil Net Trolls that live to cause problems. We follow a code of live, grow strong and have fun... or something like that. We defend the weak, poor and... ah who am I kidding we're very wacky, have fun and take care of our goats. So if you see any marbles lying about don't step on them. They most likely belong to one of the Clan Trolls.

Disclaimers and all that jazz
Highlander belongs to Davis Panzer productions, Gregory Widen and various other powers that be. All the graphics are hand made by Hockeylander Designs {that would be trollheart} and permission is needed before using them. Goats provided by the ever so quick to deliver Fusion *smirk* blah blah blah yadi yadi yadi insert anything else needed to not get sued.

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