There were plenty of clues during the first part of the "Who shot Mr. Burns?" series, these are just a few of the many over looked clues in the show.

Sundial Clue

Here is a shot of Mr. Burns falling on the sundail. Note the hands point to the West and South. Many people have speculated that these are the initials of the guilty party, and this may be the case. However, the good folks at Fox have taken upon themselves to fill this episode with as many people named W.S. or S.W. or even M.S. and S.M.
The list is as follows:



Yes and No


The frame on the left shows Burns and Smithers standing in front of Moes Tavern as the first burst of oil spurts forth. Burn's arms are raised in a way that resembles a "Y". And the partially obscured sign on Moes completes the "Yes". Observant viewers will also notice something that resembles and arrow pointing at Burns (from just to the left of his arm).

The frame on the right shows Homer after he crashes through the gate at the power plant. His head obscures part of the lettering in the road which reads "ONLY IN", such that (when viewed from the top), it reads "NO". Also, the arrow is clearly pointing at Homer.


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