Years ago, when I was working with Bob Hope, he had a "30th Anniversary with NBC" special and party afterwards in the NBC commissary. There was a musical combo playing at the party and stars all around, but the only one there I really wanted to meet was Bill Hayes! We talked for a while, and walked around listening to the music, and I suddenly felt like I was really in "Doug's Place."

I was fortunate to be on the set of DAYS with a friend who was on the show that day. I got to meet a lot of the cast, but I remember mostly, Richard Biggs (Marcus) sitting around telling jokes and MacDonald Carey telling my friend and I what to order for lunch in the Chinese Restaurant across the street. The scene she was in was when Mac played Norm de Plume, the poet. She was supposed to ask him to autograph a cocktail napkin...which I have!

I was invited to MacDonald Carey's 80th birthday party and a lot of the past and present cast members were there. I spent most of the time talking to Joseph Bottoms (Cal Winters).

I met Peter Reckell years ago at a party after a celebrity charity event. He had just juggled on DAYS, and I asked him where he leared to juggle! He said he learned when he was in a production of "The Fantasticks."

Hi, my name is Matt, I live in Peoria, IL, and in approx. 1992, I met Robert Kelker-Kelly at the world famous Big Al's (stripclub), also in Peoria, IL. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, he was more than willing to shake my hand and say hello in a genuine fasion. The only thing was, he had on one of those stupid little fanny packs, that made him look like a real dork. But yeah, he was a genuinely nice guy.

Back in '93, I had the honour of meeting Patrick Muldoon. He came up to Toronto for a Q & A at a mall. Patrick was incredibly sweet when I got the chance to meet him. He signed my poster, posed for a picture and shook my hand twice. I've met a lot of soap stars, but I'd have to say he is definitely the greatest!
Jenn Grant

I met Mark valley last year at the mall in my town. He was really nice and Cute. He signed autographs and I had my pic taken with him.

Hi I met Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer), Matthew Ashford (ex-Jack) in Oshkosh, WI in 1992. It was a blast they were so fun to see and they answered everyone's questions then they signed autograph's and took pictures. We also got a nice surprise that day Melissa's real-life husband showed up Scott Reeves of the Young and the Restless. That was cool. I also met Robert Kelker-Kelly (ex-Bo) that was in Michigan and the Soap Opera Fan Fest, He was the most popular one there my sisters and I stood in line for a couple hours to meet him and get his autograph and picture taken with him, It was a lot of fun! He's a real nice guy. I hope to see him again sometime. Thanks for letting me tell you about it.
Chris Taylor

About three years ago, Wally(ex Justin Kiriakis) and he real life wife Rene Sofar came to town to play in The Children's Miracle Network softball game, which featured local news reporters and ABC soap stars. I was picking up my brother in law at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks Connecticut, when I spot a driver with a sign that says "Wally Kurth". And lo and behold Wally and Rene walk off my brother in laws plane. Wally looks just like he does on tv. I told him that I loved him on "Days" and he said that I should watch him on GH and smiled. He was very nice. A few minutes later I saw him and Rene at the baggage claim and they were carrying their own bags. Rene seemed shy and didn't say a word and wore dark sunglasses. I think that I was the only no who recognized them.. I also meet the rock star Billy Idol in 1986 and kissed him. What a thrill!!!!

I'm sharing my days star story with you. I met Austin Peck on March 8, 1997 in Toledo Ohio. He was at an auto show. I think he was there to lure the women in and entertain them while their men looked at cars. I waited in line for an hour to meet him. He signed so stuff for me and my insanely jealous best friend. When I asked him to sign something for my "insanely jealous" best friend he replied "Insanely jealous? Why?" I said because I get to meet you and she doesn't. When someone was taking a picture for me he said "What can we do to make her more jealous?" He wrapped both his arms around me in a bear hug for the picture. I was in heaven for that moment. Austin was just as good looking in person and he was extremely nice to everyone. The picture of him and I is displayed proudly in my dorm room for all to see. It's nice when people ask, "Is that your boyfriend?" But he's a soap star and I'm just a college student trying to make it in life...we may never meet again, but the night I met Austin Peck will forever be one of my favorite memories.

Christie E. Pinney

I have two seperate times that I've had the opportunity to meet DOOL's stars. First was in 1989 and I was an acting studio in the Bay area in California. My college hosted a charity event and I got to meet back stage with Mary Beth Evans-formerly Kayla Brady-Johnson(she had just had a baby and we talked about nannies), Matt Ashford-Jack(He drew a cartoon portrait of me), Richard Biggs-Marcus, Wally Kurth-Justin(had to rush to a music store for him to buy a pack of guitar strings-his broke right before he was going to sing!) and then my second was in 1990. I have a friend who works security for NBC and I spent one afternoon in his booth with him and met a ton of people. Melissa Reeves-Jennifer(drove a red jeep cherokee), talked to Mary Beth Evans again, the guy who played Julio-can't remember his name(he wasn't too nice), Charlotte Ross-Eve and my ALL time favorite was meeting Drake Hogestyn. He was leaving the set for the day and my friend stopped him before he got out of the gate and asked if he I could take a picture of him. He was so cool! He stopped and asked me my name and if I was from around LA. I melted right then and there!!!

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