hObBes' crAZy BiN

hObBes' crAZy BiN

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Update: May 3rd, 1999 Holy Snot Web Bat-Munch!!! He's Back!!! Hey Folks!! I Know It's Been A Long Time Since I Updated This Thing, But I Still Haven't Gotten A New Computer. I'm Using My Friend's Right Now. So Confess, How Many Of You Were Waiting Outside Some Toy Store At Midnite For Those New Star Wars: Episode 1 Toys? C'mon, I Know What Freaks You Guys All Are. I Know, Cause I'm One O' Them. HEHEH. Standin' Out There In The Cold Wasn't All Bad Though, And Pretty Much Well Worth It. Those Figures Look Pretty Freakin' Good, And I Had Fun Watching All The Fanatics Trying To Trade Figures With Each Other Even Before They Even Payed For The Items Yet. By The Way, If You're Curious, We Went To The Toys'R'Us In Foster City. Anyway, It's Time For!!! THE TIP OF THE "Until Next Time I Get A Chance To Change This". Drum Roll Please...."If You Just watch one Movie This Year, Make Sure It's "Star Wars: Episode 1". If You See Two, Go Watch "Teletubbies vs. Barney: The Movie".

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