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Richello D.

Mug Shot Me Again

Here's Some Ugly Pics O' Lil' Ol' Me. Don't You Feel Lucky To See Them? Didn't Think So. Anyway, I Go To S.F. State, Live In San Bruno, And....That's About All. Boring, Huh? Well, Move On To The More Interesting People, Like My Girlfriend, Birdie, Or My Step-Sis, Sel, Or Even My Cousin, Da Rastapino.

D.B. A Few Facts....

  • Date Of Birth: April 22, 1977
  • Sign: Taurus
  • Place Of Birth: San Francisco, CA
  • Place Of Residence: San Bruno, CA
  • Nationality: Filipino/Chinese
  • High School: Mills H.S., Millbrae, CA
  • College: S.F. State Univ.
  • Favorite Movie: Too Many To Bother Mentioning
  • Favorite T.V. Show: Same Thing As Above
  • Favorite Singer/Band: Nirvana, Bush, Foo Fighters, And More!!!
  • Favorite Anime Character: Ranma(Ranma1/2) & Trunks(Dragonball Z)
  • Favorite Midnight Snack: Good Food...Good Food
  • Favorite Color(s): GREEN!!!!!

Crazy Quotes

    Never Talk To Strangers, Unless You Want To Make Friends.

Me Again!!!

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