My name is Marcello Carlos Cardoso Ribeiro and i am 21 years old , i was born in São Paulo-SP , a very big city in the Brasil where i live as yet with my famíly. i study in the UNICID, a high school placed in the east side of city, the course is theTecnology and i am in last year, this course looks for business system and in spite of to be a lover for Graphic Computing i am liking of my course . In this moment i go to begin a apprentice stage in a advertising agency, the name is Versa Comunicação where i was making a little jobs creating 3 D images using a PC. I like to play Sports, my preference is for Basketball e n' Kart indoor and a good entertainment like Computer Games 'n video games of last generation.


The unicid is a new institute, Everybody know it like FZL(Univercity of east zone), only 4 years this entite was changed for high School by MEC ( Culture ministery) .The tecnology course looks for professional formation in the informatic n' telecomunications areas, the student is preparated for the work market.

Streat Cesário Galeno,448 cep 03071-000 Tatuapé São Paulo Sp Brazil

E-MAIL: inform@aesp.unicid.br telefone 941-3999


  • Family - my family is very big, but we don't have very contact , I live with my parents 'n my older bro, i have a syster that likes very of 3D images too, she is married and your husband works with promotions, they have a boy (8 years old) very inteligent, my bro is of the state police, he study in the Unicid(Laws) n' my parents no more works.

  • Call:872 6091

  • Basketball- A dinamic sport where two teams play one against other and they want put a ball into a iron basket and not to permit your enemy do it. The big unhappiness is that the north americans are the best of world and in a intergalatic championship they wold to be champions too.

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    A house(room) in 3D (3d studio).

    A wood logotype, plastic pens n' glass balls.

    Twister 3D used like Background.

    Logotype of unicid in golden.

    Let's enter in a house of my friend Lucio Kuhl, you will be wellcome.

    Press to visit Lucio's house.


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