The Interdimensional Battle League


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Latest Update: 6/19/01

It's back! I know it's been about six months since anything happened with the IBL, but I (KC) am back and working on new shows. More information can be found in the News and Updates Section.

The Interdimensional Battle League (or IBL for short) is a new fictitous fighting league comprised of various popular comic book, cartoon, and video game heroes and villians. The characters duke it out with each other in an attempt to become the champion; for being the champion of the IBL means you have control of an alien device which grants vast power to the user. Heroes will use it for good and keep it out of the hands of the villians. But the villians will no doubt cause unheard of catastrophes to the world, and perhaps more.

Storylines will also form between various characters from different comics and cartoons, and the potential for cool matchups using the characters we've selected (see below) is very high.

The IBL is meant for parody purposes, including parodies of the various characters on the roster, as well as some pro wrestling parodies (this is just meant for fun; I have no permission to use any of these characters). Scripts of each fictitious "show" will be posted on this site once every so often (probably every two or three weeks), so fans of the various heroes and villians can read them and root for their favorite!

News and Updates
A preview of the third episode of Firestorm is up! This promises to be the biggest show yet, with the first ever IBL Champion being determined before the night is through! (May contain spoilers of past episodes)

IBL Firestorm, Episode #2
Click here to read the latest Episode of Firestorm! The Quarterfinals for the IBL CHampionship Orb, as well as a major surprise are both in this episode!

Old Shows
Here you'll find an archive of the old shows.

The Roster
A listing of all the characters currently on the IBL roster.

Current Rankings
View the current rankings of the combatants. How far up the ladder are your favorite characters? Contains spoilers of Firestorm, Episode #2!

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If you're looking for my old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles website that used to be here, I had moved it to Unfortunately, they suddenly discontinued their free web page service, and as a result the site was deleted. I still have it backed up, but I don't plan on spending the time to bring it back on-line anytime soon. I don't really have enough time to maintain a site of that size and there wasn't much interest in it anymore. There are a bunch of popular TMNT characters in the IBL, so if you want a turtle fix, you might want to check that out. I will post future updates about the TMNT website here.

I have also written two He-man fan-fics which I plan on continuing in an on-going "The Saga of Eternia" series (though it's kind of at a standstill for the time being).
"The Coming of Evil, Part One"
"The Coming of Evil, Part Two"