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Let's play 'Who Wants to Be a Martyr?'

Yes folks, it's time again for your favorite game, 'Who Wants to Be a Martyr?', now in online form! The game is simple! Embrace an idiotic cause, and with self-sacrifice and determination, get yourself arrested and become a martyr! Here are some pet projects of mine for the first episode (it will air during May sweeps week):

Necco wafers

Let's pollute the world with Necco wafers! I'm thinking of getting a plane and dropping them over residential areas!

The ICEE drink

Why isn't everyone drinking this? It's the best thing ever! Granted, it may be unhealthy, but this can't prevent us from getting a plane and spilling it all over residential areas!


Why don't more people own these things? They're moody, miserable, and yet still lovable. Let's use the same plane we're going to use for the aforementioned things to drop cats on roofs in residential areas!

The Buggles

These guys sang "Video Killed the Radio Star". They're talented, their songs are groovy, and yet people don't care. Let's get a plane and drop their albums all over residential areas.

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