The ICEE legacy

If you've ever been in search of a drink that quenches your thirst while at the same time delights the taste buds, I'm sure you'd appreciate the ICEE drink. The ICEE drink, developed in the late 1950's by Omar Knedlik, is the greatest single invention in the history of mankind. It is essentially just frozen soda, yet, it is so much more.

Old ICEE machine

Unlike other frozen drinks, which consist of ice with a sugary liquid poured on top, the ICEE retains its flavor. Have you ever had a Slush Puppie, and much to your discouragement, a quarter of the way through the drink all that remains is blue ice? And that's all you taste, the ice. If you wanted to buy ice, you would have bought water and stuck it in your freezer. But that's not what an ICEE is all about.


Yes, you may call me a fool if you wish. You may think I have my own agenda here. I do NOT work for the J&J Snack Foods Corporation (creators of ICEE, and I do admit to majorly stealing from their page at All I will confess to is the fact that I'm a big fan. Yes, you may think it's childish, but that's your opinion. I don't hate the Slush Puppie, and I don't mean to single it out as the problem with frozen drinks. I actually enjoy the Slush Puppie. In fact, according to, "Slush Puppie drinks are fab, they come in loads of flavors, taste great, and kids love them".

Slush Puppie logoICEE logo

Maybe the problem starts when I compare the ICEE to the Slush Puppie. Perhaps the two drinks belong in totally different categories altogether. They're both trying something different. They're both enjoyable in their own way. They both set out to accomplish the same thing, customer satisfaction and money in each respective corporation's pockets. However, the big disparity between the two is in the quality. Perhaps Slush Puppies should be moved into the crap category and ICEEs should move into the quality category. On that scale, Slush Puppies do remarkably well for a drink in the crap category. Likewise, ICEEs do remarkably well in the quality category, as they would in any group.

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