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Some disturbing news for all Canadian Gargoyles fans!

Family Channel Canada will cease airing
GargoyleS as of
August 10th, 2001.
The final episode to air will be
"City Of Stone - Part 2"- on Friday, August 10th at 6:30pm.

Considering Family Channel has informed me that in the past that
GargoyleS was
one of their Top Ten programs, I am a loss to understand why
they are removing the show from their schedule. They have carried other Disney shows
like "Aladdin", "Darkwing Duck" & Timon & Pumba" for 4 years or longer -
so it seems unfair for them to drop
GargoyleS after less than 2 years.
I have written to Family Channel in an attempt to find out their reasons and
will post their reply here at Can Clan as soon as I find out.
I urge ALL Canadian fans to take the time to e-mail Family Channel
to encourage them to bring back the show if it is at all possible.

AIR TIME for GargoyleS on Family Channel Canada
Monday through Friday at 6:30pm Eastern & Pacific.
The Show will Cease to air on August 10th, 2001!

Set your VCRs while you can!

For a list of episodes and their air dates on
Family Channel Canada for July/August 2001- Click

This is what the headlines read just over five years ago. Since then, humans around the world have been watching the skies wondering if there are any of these so called "winged creatures" flying around their homes. Truth be told, Gargoyle clans do exist in many parts of the world. There have been dozens of "Gargoyles sightings" worldwide - no place more so than in Canada. It is believed that there was once a very large clan of Gargoyles that inhabited this place we now know as Canada - many hundreds of years before humans arrived. It is also believed that when humans did come to this part of the world - they brought along several gargoyles from Europe to serve as guardians for the settlers (as Gargoyles are born protectors.) Once the human population began to grow, the Gargoyles were deemed unnecessary. Many of the Gargoyles were enslaved, and many were killed.
Today - Most of the clan is now scattered across Canada(their whereabouts kept secret by a small group of friends - both human and fey.) With the help of this new technology called "the internet" Gargoyles from across the country have begun to pull together as a clan once more. The purpose of this web site is not only to act as a platform of communication among the clan's members - but to inform and enlighten those unfamiliar with who and what Gargoyles are truly like. Our dream is to find acceptance and live in peace within the human world.
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