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   Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 15:43:32 -0700 (PDT)
   From: RoB Patey  Add to Address Book
Subject: Noise Not Dead!!

 Noise Kills Punk Dead CD compilation

 1: Urban Jungle Series "Chickens"

 2: Diamond Shamrock "Mad Flava (Tastes Like Chicken)"

 3: Pyroclastix "Cultural Hegemony"

 4: Our Glassie Azoth "Sephiroth"

 5: Noisia "Brass Balls"

 6: Fallopian Tube Steaks w/Beer "I Might As Well Be Jammin' with

 7: Daimyo Gyoretsu "Destroyed Robot"

 8: Diamond Shamrock "Instant Satori"

 9: the void organization "no corpse no crime"

 10: Input Monkeys "Fooj"

 11: I-45 "Choices"

 12: Wart Wamsteker "Sunday Borning Marbecue"

 13: Ude Wir "P.L. $1,000,222.00$"

 14: Joshua Bourke "The Light"

 15: Urban Jungle Series "Osaka Traffic Signal"

 16: Cortex Bomb "Paul Schaffer Auto Erotic Vacuum Cleaner Exit Wound"

 17: Antimatter "Xtract"

 18: Ultra Psycho Toast "Furthering Retoro Joke"

 19: Mitsugi, Yugi & Sawano "Koshigaya MACS 'B' Studio"

 20: Authur Loves Plastic "Words to Live By"

 21: BC Whitehead "I Owe 25"

 22: Platzangst "And Live I Will"

 23: Acro:Emitter "Bipolar"

 24: I-45 "Candaygitfunkee"

 25: The M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab "To Go All the Way (60" Remix)"

 26: Idle Hands "Rokus"

 27: Kokugo Piano "Romance Guerilla"

 28: Leon B. "John's Denver"

 29: Diamond Shamrock "Analog Ocean"

 30: Magmax "Magma Death"

 31: Ecknakore "For Trikut"

 32: Kodoku Baka Shibai "Black Snot"

 33: Gaga "Cute - Cuddly - Smooshes Things FLAT"

 34: Cyborg "Queen Bee's BBQ"

 35: The Evolution Control Committee "Stairway to Royalty Payments"

 36: Cyborg "Tom's Jones"

 37: Brutum Fulmen "Quartet for Plastic Toy Horns"

 38: Acroyear "Your Bullshit Story"

 39: Unsound (can't find song name - email me)

 40: Prajekt Slim "The Ides of Mars"

 41: dienstag "tÍte-Š-tÍte, radio edit"

 42: C.P.I. (Colin Pascal Industries) "Obsequious Pathways"

 43: Government Alpha "Terminal Care"

 44: Con "Munk"

 45: The End of Time "Six Dimensional Space"

 46: SFWD "00.01.00"

 47: LLXTA "Beast"

 48: Radio Terrain "Bank Your Healing"

 49: Entropical Utopia "An Angel Has No Memory (Part II)"

 50: All Mouth No Trousers "One More Minute"

 51: Pointless Orchestra "Mae"

 52: Spinetic "K-otic"

 53: Ecknakore "For Agam Purusha"

 54: Histatic Charge "Zero to Sixty"

 55: Ethiopian Hunger Strike "Bifurcation"

 56: Collectorbaseemmitter "Laugh and the World Laughs at You"

 57: Rhythm Boobs "Coup de Grace"

 58: Shiver U.K. "Bring Me Your Delusioned"

 59: Liviiing "Opening"

 60: MSBR "Body Snatcher"

 61: Crut "Honi"

 62: C.P.I. (Coniine Production Influx) "National Anthem (version)"

 63: ST-37 "Remains Kickbit"

 64: Hartmut Geerken "Sun Harp"

 65: Diamond Shamrock "Hypnochrist"

 66: Permanent Voltage "title not yet known"

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