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Love of a Rose

Written by Stephen Janousek

Dedicated to Jean & Bret Brooks

Love, what is it?
Love is a bond between two people whose
friendship, has grown into a rose
and like a rose, it is delicate.
Because you have to commit yourself to your love
for otherwise you could hurt yourself or your love.
Which is what the the thorns on the rose represents.
But like the stems of that rose,
it represents the frienship of your love,
which makes all things Beautiful

Of HeartsDesire

Written by Stephen Janousek

My heart is heavy as a stone
Dark as the night
So dark it seems to draw all the
Light around our friendship and
It glimmers with that stolen light
For we are apart and I am alone
Torn apart by words and years
My pain and sadness coalesing into
A thick emberly cloud of pain with
Sorrow undefined, that seems as
impenetrable as it is endless
There is nothing else, nothing grows
there but grief
But has I live, enslaved in thought
of you, with every breath
Without your love my life is
torn waiting for death.

Mixed Feelings

Written by Stephen Janousek

Words fall from my mouth as I try to say what I feel for you.
From the beginning I looked high and low to find the one I was destined for.
And when I saw you my life had changed.
My fire of passion was rekindenddeled.
You gave me a purpose to live and gave my life new meaning.
You were my love, my everything. For love is something so heavenly.
To watch it grow inside yourself, to feel your heart carry it.
I showed you my world, I shared my thoughts
and my feelings. I pledged myself to you.
But now, you refused, and I am lost in an ocean of pain.
But in those big brown eyes, I see a sign of love.
But you were afraid or confused about your feelings.
My nights are spent without sleep, as my eyes rain with tears of sadness.
I have waited for you, but I realize I must go on.
I gave you the the chance.I thought I had let you go.
But my heart breaks down, every time I see you.
But if tomorrow comes, I shall pack my tears away.
I don't know if I could ever fall in love again.
For my heart has been broken a many of times.
I just hope I have the courage to fight this fire of a new beginning...
A new beginning of loneliness.

Waiting for you

Written by Stephen Janousek

Another sad and lonely night goes by
as I sit crying by the window
My tears are not of sadness, but
tears of my love for you
and looking out into the vast space of the sky
I make a wish upon the first star
I see, stars as beatiful
as your eyes, that you were here
So I could hold you tight
and ease you fears
So much pain inside my heart
because I am all alone
Oh how I long to be with you,
to look in the depths of
your eyes and see forever

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