Bloods Insight on Wrestling

The following is my views and not that of anybody connected to any fed so view with caution

First off I am glad to see that Kevin Nash Captured the WCW World Title at Slamboree for the 2nd time. What I want to know is for how long. It would be great for him to have a long reign but I don't see it happening. However what my main concern here is has to be the backstage heat between Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels. With HBK's contract up in July 2001 could a KLIQ be reuntied in WCW. Lets look at the facts I know. First Hall and Nash contracts i believe are up about same time HBKS is. Second Easy E has said that he feels bad for getting ride of Sean Waltman. Which I think he and Triple H contracts end around same target date. So THE KLIQ back together???? Have to wait and see, but Vince has let people out of contracts early before and with HBK unable to wrestle could he be the next to jump ship.

Shane Douglas, is in negotations with WWF as I write this. Another factor involved in my belief of Kliq heading to WCW. They have more a less have no power in WWF any more. Shane Douglas and Kliq don't like each other and getting ride of HBK for Shane is not to unbelieably now. Hbk can't wrestle, Shane can. Plus Shane would add to Coperation nicely.....But Triple H and Shane together, not going to happen, Triple H will be outta of the Coperation if Shane is to join. With either HBK possiably returning to rebuild DX and Triple H comes back or The Kliq heads down south. SO once again Kliq together again?????? Not to hard to think of. Also with Shane Douglas that gives the WWF another feud for Austin

New Age Outlaws No More???????

Billy Gunn now is a full face heel with an IC Title coming to him soon. However it comes at a price of losing Road Dogg Jesse James and DX to watch out for him. So even if DX is reformed, Billy Gunn is now on his own and thats that. Road Dogg I see staying WWF regardless of what happens. WCW he'd be nothing but apart of Armstrong curse and wasted like some many others.

Owen "The Blue Blazer" Hart to become IC Champion

Owen Hart is going to become your next IC champion real soon. However it won't be ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE. Unless of course you are referring to him remaining the Blue Blazer and no longer being Owen Hart. However the belt will be leaving The Godfathers waste shortly to Owen Hart. As for him and Jeff Jarrett teaming up. They will remain friends but don't look for Candian Country in action too much.

An Unholy UNION

Mankind saw the man who treat him as a son and give him the Hardcore Title turn on him. Paul Wight just got sick of the Rock and his Nursery Rymes. Ken Shamrock left outta of loyalty to Vince and cause Shane didn't protect Ryan from the Ministry. Test was betrayed by the Bossman. What we have is a Union, untied by unholy forces of Darness. However how long is this union going to last. Simply put the Union is saving The Rocks rear from the Coperated MOD. However can Mankind and Paul Wight get along with The Rock or will this lead is dissention. Also to question is Test. Test was brought in WWF as Motley Crues Bodyguard/Dx Friend. However he started as apart of Team Coperate. There are rumors of him going to DX. However is Dx going to be there ??? Have to wait.

Other Tidbits
X Pac and Kane to split but will remain friends
D Lo and Henry to capture Tag Titles
Meat, enough said???
More to come in part 2Not up yet

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