BartHi I'm Bart MacLeod. I thought I'd do a little page to tell you a bit about myself. The pic on the left is me when I was twentysomething. I'm now thirtysomething, if you add about 30lbs and a bunch of gray hair you'd pretty much have what I look like today. I currently live in Southern Oregon in a town of about 19,000 people. I've been living where I am now for about 2 years, I moved here from Beautiful Whidbey Island. To give you a quick geography lesson, Whidbey Island is in the Northwest corner of Washington State near the San Juan Islands. If you get a chance to visit Whidbey Island go to the town of Langley, it a great little town with lots of neat shops one can spend the afternoon browsing or you can eat a great meal on the waterfront.

I work as a landscaper because I enjoy taking a piece of land and making something beautiful out of it, when a job is done it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. I also enjoy giving people advice as to what they can do with the existing landscape. I now have a forum for all to ask those tough gardening questions. Any advice I give to people on the net is totally FREE so stop on by and we'll see if you can stump me:-) I've provided a link below to my gardening forum.

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