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UPDATED 2/1/98!!! Tour dates through March!!! Just scroll down a bit and you'll find it!!!

UPDATED 1/16/98!!!Someone suggested that i put tablature up so I did!!! Check it out! Also check out the sounds I put up!!! Be sure to read the disclaimer though!!!

UPDATED 1/15/98!!!All lyrics have been added!!! Check it out!!! And A new link has been added that i think you should check out 'cause nobody goes to his site so it'll make him feel better

Tour dates

19-Jan-98 Oklahoma City, OK Will Rogers Theatre
20-Jan-98 Lawrence, KS Granada
21-Jan-98 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
23-Jan-98 Salt Lake City, UT TBA
25-Jan-98 Reno, NV Del Mar Station
26-Jan-98 Sacramento, CA El Dorado
27-Jan-98 Petaluma, CA Phoenix Theatre
28-Jan-98 Palo Alto, CA The Edge
29-Jan-98 San Francisco, CA Trocadero
30-Jan-98 Eureka, CA Hefe's
01-Feb-98 Los Angeles, CA The Palace
02-Feb-98 Los Angeles, CA The Palace
03-Feb-98 San Diego, CA SOMA
20-Feb-98 Seattle, WA RCKNDY
21-Feb-98 Seattle, WA RCKNDY
24-Feb-98 Tempe, AZ Club Rio
25-Feb-98 Alubuquerque, NM The Zone
28-Feb-98 Austin, TX Liberty Lunch
01-Mar-98 Houston, TX Westpark
02-Mar-98 New Orleans, LA Jimmy's
05-Mar-98 Jacksonville, FL Milk Bar
06-Mar-98 St Petersburg, FL Jannus Landing
07-Mar-98 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
08-Mar-98 Charleston, SC Music Farm


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