Cappuccino Nunkies
	Cousin Mary

	You're sitting at home reading a particularly good Tracy/Lacroix
story while humming the latest Trent Reznor tune.  Fanning yourself with
a printout of what was probably a shot at you, but not caring.  Nunkies
in any form is good.  Just as you get to the part in the story where 
Tracy starts telling bald-faced lies to the Enforcers while Lacroix 
watches much impressed from the shadows, the door bell rings.  Mumbling 
under your breath about timing and chainsaws you head for the door, kicking 
aside the duffle bag of crosses and stakes as you go.
Swinging it open, the nasty comment about Avon cosmetics dies on your
lips as you take in the stunning visage that is Lucien Lacroix! 
"Nunkies!" You gasp. Your jaw then drops to the floor.

He smiles at you.

The rest of you sees where your jaw has gone, gets jealous and decides to
join it.

You wake up several moments later.  You're on your couch now.  It takes a
moment for you to remember just how you've gotten there but when you do,
you sit up with a start.

"Easy my dear, it seems you fainted."  Lacroix raises one amused eyebrow.
"I-I-I," You're stuttering, coherent speech is still just beyond your
reach.  You try to get up, but your head starts swimming and you have to
sit down again, mumbling something about low blood sugar.

Lacroix chuckles good-naturedly and hands you something.  "Here, drink
this," he orders.

Looking down at the mysterious concoction, you hazard a small sip.  Iced
Cappuccino!  And the best you've ever tasted!  You turn your eyes back
towards Lacroix; awe, rapture and longing all battle for control of your

Gently he plucks the glass from your hands.

For a instant you consider refusing to surrender the heavenly drink, but
then realize fighting a two-thousand year old vampire over a cup of
coffee probably -isn't- the wisest course of action.  With regret you
watch as he sets the wonderful drink aside, next to the gun-cleaning
manual on the end table.

"I hear you too have succumbed to the, how do the put it?  The Dark Pink
Side?"  He inquires, his expression unreadable. 
Alarm bells go off inside your head.  'Uh oh,' you think, this could get
bad -real- quick.  Luckily, one of the classes you signed up for at Dark
Perk Mansion, besides kick-boxing and long-bow precision, was
assertiveness training.  Taking a deep breath you shoot Lacroix your
biggest, perkiest smile.  "I think Tracy would just -love- you!"  You say
breathlessly. "You're so handsome and powerful!  Given half a chance I'm
sure Tracy would be as devoted to you as I am!"  You sigh and stare
lovingly up at him.

Faced with this barrage of compliments, Lacroix seems momentarily taken

Pressing your advantage you use your practiced Tracy-style pout and ask,
"You do like Tracy don't you?"

"What?"  Lacroix seems even more disconcerted, obviously not expecting
this turn of events.  "I really don't know Ms. Vetter," He frowns
suddenly.  "That is irrelevant however.  I am not here to discuss your
new faction's leader."

Your heart starts beating double time; you've heard rumor Lacroix was on
some sort of loyalty kick lately.  Was he here to punish you then?  You
decide to play dumb.  "Oh?  Well you can't have come just to give me the
lovely cappuccino."  You have to fight yourself not to gaze longingly
back at said drink.  "And if you're not here to talk about my new
faction, " You deliberately misunderstand, "Then why are you here?"
Lacroix's eyes narrow, he's becoming suspicious now.  "That is not what I

You open your eyes as wide as they'll go.  "Oh?" 
You don't give him a chance to reply.  With Plato's words 'courage is a
kind of salvation' running through your mind, you stand suddenly and
redeposit yourself on Lacroix's lap.

He seems startled, but automatically wraps his arms around you.  
"It's almost dawn," You say with a mischievous grin, "I guess you'll have
to spend the day."

Together you turn and regard the clock on the wall, there's almost four
hours before the sun rises.

Lacroix turns back to you and cocks an eyebrow.

With a shrug you say, "You're forgetting about day-light savings time,
it's actually an hour later."  You smile down at him and, maintaining
your perch, you reach down and reclaim your cappuccino.

With a chuckle Lacroix decides to abandon whatever his original plans
were for you and just pulls you closer.  "This new faction's attitude
quite fascinates me."  He tells you.  "Perhaps you can tell me more of
this 'Dark Perk Philosophy'?"

With one hand still wrapped around your coffee and the other pressed
against Nunkie's chest, you look down into his ice blue eyes and grin. 
Maybe he hasn't forgotten that your loyalty also belongs to Tracy Vetter,
but it looks like he's forgiven you. "Yeah, I can do that."

Cousin Mary, Godmother of the Dark Perk Mafia, NA
Dark pink, but still Dark!
"War is h*ll, and Dark Perks are its pink demons"