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Xover: A Blues Knight (01/01)
Copyright 1998
By Laura K. Griffin

Janette saw the door of the Raven open; the dim rays of dusk's
remaining light washed into the club.  She stood at the end of the
bar, safe from the sun's departing fire.  The evening crowd was
starting to filter in.  The mortals came in first (naturally), and
then the vampire crowd slipped in among the humans.  They were like
sheep and wolves roaming throughout the club; rubbing shoulders,
dancing, talking. Janette smiled to herself as she watched her guests
enjoy the dark hospitality of her unique establishment.

As the evening grew late, Detective Nick Knight strolled into the
vampire communities' well-known haven.  It was crowded tonight; the
air was heavy with cigarette smoke, perfumes, and the ever-present
scent of humanity.  He made his way through the crowded dance floor,
smiling as he met Janette's sparkling eyes. Perched on a corner
barstool, she was elegant in her red and black evening gown.
"Nicolas!"  She studied his face as he kissed her fingers. "You *must*
be here for pleasure...for a change." she said teasingly.

Nick leaned in closely and whispered into her ear, "How could you

"You're smiling and . . ." She was interrupted by the unmistakable
sound of screeching tires. Nick tensed for the inevitable crash, but
it never came.  He all but flew out the front door of the club and
into the street. He looked left ---  He looked right --- But
everything seemed to be in order.

Relieved that there had been no collision, he turned to go back
inside.  He'd only taken two steps forward when he saw something out
of the corner of his eye that made him stop.  Parked directly behind
his beloved Caddy was another large car, this one desperately in need
of serious body work.  It had obviously been a police car some years
ago - an old black and white.  What was left of the paint was faded
and chipped. It had Chicago license plates, and there were some very
odd skid marks leading directly to its tires. The marks indicated that
the parking job had been done in an extremely irregular fashion, as if
the car had been coming from the opposite direction and turned quite
suddenly, spinning the car around and into the spot between the Caddy
and a black Jaguar. "An interesting way to parallel park," Nick
thought as he considered speaking with the driver about Toronto
traffic laws. "Nah...it's my night off , and I didn't actually witness
anything illegal." He glanced at the auto one last time when he heard
the car door open.

The driver getting out of the eyesore was tall and had an average
build. He wore a black business suit with a white shirt and a narrow
black tie.  The ensemble was completed with an old fashioned black
porkpie hat.  Nick was reminded of the 1940s when hats were common; a
more stylish period, he thought nostalgically.  However, something
else caught Det. Knight's immediate attention: this stranger was
wearing dark black-rimmed sunglasses. "Even *I* don't wear my
sunglasses at midnight." he whispered to himself.  As the man
approached the building, Nick saw the black leather satchel that he
carried in his right hand and was handcuffed to right wrist.  The
man's expression was deadpan; his stride confident and determined.
"It's like this guy is on a mission," Nick said under his breath just
as an image of an old movie-style gangster floated through his mind.
As he passed, Nick noted the man's heartbeat: a mortal.

He followed the darkly clad fellow into the Raven and rejoined
Janette.  She smiled and raised a questioning eyebrow, glancing at the
austere stranger.  Nicked shrugged boyishly in response. The odd
visitor spoke to the bartender and was directed toward the back corner
table within the shadows.  Lacroix's table.

Nick had realized that his sire was there the moment he'd arrived at
the bar; he simply hadn't acknowledged it.  As the stranger, still
wearing his dark shades,  approached Lacroix, Nick decided to follow
at a discreet distance.  There was no telling what the briefcase
contained, but it made the detective suspicious.  Telling himself that
he was looking out for the safety of the public (as opposed to the
idea of protecting his creator), Nick positioned himself within
earshot of the two men.  Not surprisingly, Lacroix's expression
mirrored the stranger's grave countenance.

Lacroix raised his glass to his lips and took a sip from the
ruby-filled chrystal goblet; their eyes locked, and he said softly,
"Hello, Elwood.  I've been expecting you."

"Then you know why I'm here."

"I think I do, but perhaps it would be best if you just tell me."
Hearing the exchange, Nick was on the edge of his seat, the curiosity
almost painful.

"Lucien," Elwood said stiffly, "I'm getting the band back together."
Even through the pulsating beat of the club's music, the silence was
deafening - for approximately five seconds.

"Yes.  Exactly what I had anticipated.." Lacroix sighed, reached over
to the chair beside him, and picked up several items.  "I'm prepared,
of course." He then turned his attention to his favored son. "I'll be
out of town for a few weeks."  No further explanation was offered, and
Nick stared open-mouthed as Lacroix donned a black porkpie hat,
covered his ice blue eyes with a pair of black-rimmed sunglasses, and
followed Elwood out of the Raven.

End of scene
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