March's Question

Besides being a general and a radio personality, what occupation do you believe would suit LaCroix?

March's Curious Answers...



My eternal companion, husband, etc. No, really, he would be a dynamite federal judge. He's simply marvelous at arbitratin uncomfortable situations.


Lover. Okay, a real one?

Let's see.... How about an astronomer? He loves the stars doesn't he? But I think he's best being a night club owner. But I still say Lover!

Really crazy about LaCroix!
Miranda LaCroix (I wish)



Opera singer: I know he is a baritone. He would make a fabulous Mephistopheles, Scarpia and of course Othello's nemesis, Iago! Why not harness all that intensity and use it where it is appreciated?

Yours in all things LaCroix,
Tami~! (a tiny coloratura soprano!)

Don't you really believe that Nunks is above that work sort of thing?? I'm positive he does. He strikes me as someone who, as someone said before me, has "hobbies" rather than occupations. He just seems to fall into these things. I'm positive he'd only do something that didn't extend himself, or even appear to be work, that dirty four letter word. After all, he didn't become eternal just to be forever one-step before retirement. That simply would not do. An existentialist such as he is, teaching would be a pain. I find Nunks has rather an artist's soul, if not his sleeping habits, which is why the radio suits him so well. Whatever he chose to do next you could bet on one thing, Lucius would make it his own, and forever after altered.

just a thought,


Dear listeners, It's me-- the fabulous J.D.!! LaCroix's job choices:

Nunkies would make a great night-care person. The kids would listen to him and they'd behave or... else... ::insane laughter:: I'd have liked to be in Nunkies night-care even when I was little. I'd have been on Uncle's good side all the time, a regular brown-noser. I could see him as a poet. He has a story to tell that goes beyond the relms of human experience. or

Politician. As much as I hate them, I believe Lucien could give them a good whipping. He could become persident. ::dreamy sigh:: Thousands of women would march into any battlefield without fear as long as Nunkies whispered the word to them. The Armed Forces would swell in their avid desire to protect his Vampiric Sexiness. ::drooling::

Achem.... until next time, Cousin's dear,
this is J.D. signing off

Blues musician. Somehow I can picture Lacroix with the sunglasses and the hat, sharing the stage with the Blues Brothers! Which instrument? Keyboards. I think he taught Nick how to play the piano! Oh...and Lacroix would play a mean harmonica!


Um, used-car salesman? "you *want* this car![tha-thump] this is a *good* car..."

DMV employee? "DAMN you!! You're in the WRONG LINE!! Hahaha!!"--[chomp]

Dread Pirate Roberts?

*Cousin Nora*

Hypno-therapist. (Lose weight after just one session!! --Ok, so it's only blood, but weight loss is weight loss![g]) TV Show Producer -- I'm sorry, *Executive* Producer! (Kinda like a Hypno-therapist for the masses.)


I don't know... I always pictured nunkies as more of a... umm... hired hitman? Why does that fit the bill??


With that voice? Phone se--er, sales. [g]

Tour guide for one of those murder tours. He could reminisce and terrify mortals at the same time. I think he would have fun doing the Jack the Ripper one in London. :)


Do you think Nunkies could be a MIB in an alternate universe?

Can you picture him donning the sunglasses and saying "I make this look good?" He could make people forget without that little flashy thing... so he has something going for him in this job at least....


How about Nunkies the psychotherapist? If he could resist killing his patients that is....

"Doctor, I just hate my life, I don't know how to deal with anyone anymore, I hate my job, my family hates me..... I somethimes find myself wishing I could get it over with..."
"I understand completely." (in that VOICE of his)
"You do?" Hesitantly...
LaCroix stands...." Of course,... I do. We have all been there at some point or other. Please. Allow me to make your choice all that much simpler...." Kills the patient...
Oh Well. Then again, maybe I'd go to him....
Excuse my babble, I need some sleep....


Well, there's elocution teacher, foreign language instructor, history professor, bodyguard, fashion model, art instructor, cultural icon, cult leader (one we'd all be in!), hypnotist, magician, spy, and many others.

Christina Wadsworth

Hmmmmmm.... I can picture him owning a bookstore similar to one in my neighborhood. A woman bought an old, Victorian era house (or close to it) and revamped [bahahahahah] so that each genre has its own room (well, several may share some rooms). There's chairs and tables scattered about and you're welcome to a cup of hot tea or coffee (sometimes free if the mood so strikes the owners) while you thumb through books. There's board games such as chess and you can challenge other customers. They also sell meals at lunch, "almost" gourmet type, which I understand is delicious (I haven't tried it yet as it is rather pricey - has any of the other Arkansas contingent?). There's also a selection of unique, tastefull hard-to-find gift items.

The reason I see Nunkies in such a place is there's a few isolated chairs and I can see him sitting in a corner survey his kingdom while enjoying a glass of special vintage. I think he'd make the store less homey than this one is (without the children's room at least!) and probably focus on antique books instead of new ones. He's always seemed to me to be the type to read heavily....


Then, of course, there's always the obvious:

Policeman--interogation specialist
History Professor
Night club owner
Antiques dealer--move over, Duncan
Transcriber of ancient languages
Historical consultant for movies and television shows
Publisher of romance novels . . .gothic, of course, so he can control content. Don't want that *other* problem again
Computer consultant
Working with the disinfranchised
Training attack dogs
Psychiatrist--specializing in angst patients
Agent--book, movie, modeling, secret
Day care owner

Excuse me????

Jeesh . . . I think I'm having a Snix attack. Next thing you know, I'll be sending Jules a recipe for Rhubarb pie.


Hmmmm...Always felt that Lacroix doesn't have an occupation as much as he has a pasttime.[g] For fun, I can see him running his plantations (overseeing the overseer in other words) or influencing politics from behind an important politician, just to see what happens.[g]

Jules, HP

Military advisor to the highest bidder.

Always love to see Nunkies in fatigues. Soldier of fortune suits him. [g]


A government man-CIA, FBI, etc. He has the perfect stone faced stare, and his methods for extracting information could get interesting.


Interesting... I think the radio show is great for him because of his voice having such power. I honestly can't think of him doing anything else. He doesn't come across as being one who works like everyone else. He did seem to enjoy running The Raven though...


Fashion designer. Of course, everything he designed would be in black...[g]

Or, I'd have to agree with Patt: military advisor. After all, he's got centuries of experience.

On the shadier side, I'd have to say illegal arms (weapons, you sillies!) dealer. It would just be a hobby to him, though. We already know that he's shown an interest in changing history and formenting revolutions; and arms dealer would contribute to that.

For the soft and fuzzy LC: owner of a beauty spa. Ah, to be pampered by Nunkies ... *sigh*... fuzzy (black) bathrobes ... hottubs ... Nunkies... saunas ... Nunkies ... Hey, that sounds kind of like the Shrine, doesn't it?

God of my idolatry?


The "Keeper of Hearts"... *sigh*

On a more serious note, I tend to think of LaCroix as being the type "born to money," and that he wouldn't have to work for it. Therefore any job he would have had was merely a game for him. (The reality of this statement, given the fact that he really didn't need to be a radio host in FK, is a bit of an understatement, is it not?) However, if one had to guess as to a logical origin of his wealth, i would say he would be a business tycoon, like J.D. Rockefeller (sp?) or J.P. Morgan. Kind of funny, but I could see him fitting in well with the oil and railroad tycoons of the Depression. Wearing a coat with tails, a top hat and ascot, a gold pocket watch on a chain, smoking a cigar while talking politics and world affairs... *sigh*

Okay, okay! I just got finished watching Titanic for the 3rd time, so sue me!


Thespian, of course! but in addition to that, a writer, a scholar. Nunkies wouldn't have any "undignified" jobs, like The Other Guy... Tammy

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