Fantasy for New NA Members
by Cousin Joni

You slip into the shrine late at night.  You left your NA notebook behind
after your first meeting, and you wish to retrieve it before the other
addicts discover that you don't have it.  You don't turn on a light for
fear of being discovered, so you light a lone candle and begin your search
for the lost notebook.

Thirty minutes later you have just about searched everywhere but no
notebook.  You decide that it must have fallen on the floor and is hiding
under one of the chairs, so down on your hands and knees you go.  You are
crawling along the floor, swiping your hand under the chairs for the errant

A cold chill sweeps over you.  It is something that we all know too well,
but you, being so new, only shrug it off as a draft from an open window.
You continue your search for the notebook.

You have half your body under one of the chairs, when you hear an all so
sultry voice coo just above.  "Looking for this, my dear."

Startled, you lift up, banging your head and back against the chair.  The
chair falls over and you are trapped in an unflattering position beneath
it. You aren't sure who is standing above you, but you have your suspicions.

Trying to pull yourself into a sitting position and look as presentable as
possible, you finally glance up at the owner of the voice.  A pair of the
most crystalline blue eyes that you have ever seen meets you.  IT IS HIM!
The object of your obsession stands before you in the flesh, so to speak.
You had not thought that you would meet him so soon.  Nothing is said as
you are locked into those blue eyes. 

Finally, he reaches down and helps you to your feet.  Handing you your lost
notebook, he says very seductively,  "I believe that you left this behind.
I would not want one of my new initiates to be punished the first night.
Unless of course, it is by me."

He places the notebook in your hand, but you don't even have the control to
close hand around it.  All you can do is stare at and stammer, "Yes, Sir.
I'm sorry, Sir.  I won't forget again."

His cool hand reaches out and brushes your cheek.  "I think that I need to
make sure that you never forget anything connected with me again," he
whispers, lightly kissing your lips.

Your heart races and your hand clamps down on the notebook.  Sweat begins
to bead on your forehead as his intentions become clear in your mind.  "Ah,
Sir, is the way you treat all your addicts."

Leaning over and kissing you again, he remarks, "I always take care of my
own.  They never want for anything.  All I ask in return is total loyalty."

Your knees are weak and you are having trouble standing.  "Total Loyalty?"
you question, before remembering that you were instructed never to question

He wraps his arms around your waist to keep you from falling.
Unfortunately, it doesn't help the feel of his arms around only serve to
make you weaker.  He stares into your eyes as he whispers, "Do not worry
so.  I will not bite you."

His attempt at humor causes a giggle to rise inside that you immediately
squelch.  Watching you trying not to laugh amuses him.  He smiles softly
and explains, "Totally loyalty, yes.  Human males are of no consequence to
me.  Dally with them as much as you wish, but..." He hesitates for a
moment.  "But, my son, the one you, addicts, refer to as the other guy is
off limits.  Understand?"

You are about to say, "Yes, Sir.  Anything you say, Sir," but it never
makes it out of your mouth.  He has covered your mouth with his and is
giving to most wonderful kiss that you have ever had.

"Come," he says, picking you up in arms and carrying you towards the
window.  "I think that it's time to finish my part of your initiation."

Blue Unicorn  
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