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Hey Simpsons fans. My Simpsons page is pretty much limited due to the lack of space that I was given. If you are searching for sound files there is not much here. In fact even Krusty does not endorse this site. Follow my links, they will lead you to some of the best sites that i came across. BUT what i do have are these nifty animated cursors which I'm sure you will enjoy.

Krusty doesn't look too pleased with this site...or maybe it's his undies....looks like they're riding on him.


Animated Cursors

baby with one eye brow onebrow.zip 1kb
Selma smoking selma.zip 1kb
Dr. Hibert hyper-aging hibert.zip 1kb
Homer eating a sandwich sandwich.zip 1kb
Homer punching Lenny in the back of the head lenny.zip 1kb
the three eyed fish fish.zip 1kb
Maggie sucking her tummy maggie.zip 1kb
Barney belching barney.zip 1kb
desk top icons simpsons.zip 153kb


My Wavs (thanks to Dr.Hedgehog for some of them)

"I know you can read my thoughts boy...meow, meow, meow, meow"

"You make me feel like dancing...."

"Whohoo! Look at that blubber fly!"

"Yes I'm sorry I do not speak english, ok." "But you were just speaking english.." "yes, yes, hotdog, hotdog, yes sir, no sir, maybe, ok."

"Ooooo, a head bag. Those are chalked full of.....headed goodness."

"So ah, who are you guys anyhow?" "Agents Mulder and Scully, FBI" "FBI huh?..excuse me.......alright they're on to us, get em' back to seaworld...." .....(made by the Dr. himself!)

"Calm down Nedily, didily, didily, didily. They did their best...shotdily, idily, idily, didily. Gotta be nice hostilty, idily, didily, didily....AAAHHHH HELL DIDILY DID DOG CRAP!! CAN'T YOU MORONS DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!?!"

"Well your story is very compelling Mr. Jackass, i mean a..Simpson, so i'll just type it up on my invisible typewriter."

"Hey somebody's touching me!"..." I am" ..."Well ok"


3D Simpsons
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the Simpsons Ultimate Sound Site (has some of the best wavs)

the Simpsons Pub Homepage (a site with sound, pics, and movies)

Brian's Simpsons Sounds Page (some pretty good sounds!)


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