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April 2001 Note: People, it's been a hell of a time keeping up with this site and with all of the terrific Simpsons fans out there. It is hard to think straight when you come down to the nearly six years of churning and moiling over something as intangible and yet as rewarding as your own private little shed on the Information Super Highway. When you come down to the facts this site is actually among the oldest Simpsons dwellings on the web. So many sites have shut their doors and yet so many have opened it leaves you stunned. Don't worry just yet. This is not a cease and desist notification. I just thought to share my thoughts on this whole business of movement and change. I am still what you might call a simple Simpsons aficionado, but I find less and less time following this pursuit. I haven't been able to update the site in a little while. Still, all of the sound and image links are working. You can still enjoy the trivia and load the Simpsons ware. The look is a little bit stale, but nevertheless somewhat engaging. This is definitely not the end. Anyone willing to lend a hand is welcome. Don't pay much attention to the dates and don't feel neglected if I don't immediately respond to your e-mail queries. Thanks.

Greetings and welcome to the Simpsons World ! Your number 1 place for reliable sounds, movies, pictures, and links. Feel free to send me E-mail, I'd love to hear from you. Don't forget to check out a comprehensive list of downloads and other cool stuff. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay. These days I'm desperately trying to refresh the look a bit, so check back soon.

On May 28-th, 1998, Phil Hartman, the voice of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure, was fatally wounded by his wife. Rest in peace Phil, we'll miss you.

What's New:
Mar 29 Finally updated, check it out...
Aug 14 Updated the links and the voting results.
Jun 21 Updated the site and posted the winner for the elections.
Jun 01 Added several sounds and movies, updated links.

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