The first Un-Official Tenacious D Webpage!

Welcome to the first Un-Offical Tenacious D website.

We are constantly making files and what not to add to the page for the publics viewing and listening pleasure.

Last updated: 11-17-2003 : 2.17am CST

Well another message board came and went.. let's try this one... hopefully it will not go under like the rest.. ::sigh::

Message board

Last updated: 08-13-2001 : 11.28 pm CST

Well after a bit of a delay we have found a new board site.

Our previous site shut down, unnanounced, and left us stranded high and dry. Never fear though, everything is up and running.

Additionally has graciously let me link to their awesome site about the 'D.

Make a stop there for the latest info on Tenacious D, and fire an email to Ms Linker thanking her and her staff for the content!


***** We are breaking new ground again!!! The first Tenacious D message boardCome check it out!*****

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Hey check this site out.. its pretty fly, with some great Tenacious D style humor..

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