Hard Core Logo
Oh man, where to start! This is my 2nd favorite Callum movie. He plays Billy Tallent, the guitarist for the group Hard Core Logo who has come back together for one last tour after breaking up years prior.

When you watch this movie, its extremely hard to come to grips with the fact that you are watching a piece of fiction. Nothing looks rehearsed, and everything is spontaneous and live. Callum shines in this film as the only band member who appears sane. Billy has a life waiting for him after the tour is over, while none of the others do. Callum plays Billy absolutely perfectly.

Hugh Dillon, who plays Joe Dick, and Callum hit it off during shooting this movie, and you can see the Headstones ring that Hugh gave Callum in this movie, and in many of CKR's other roles from then on.

I honestly cannot say enough about this movie, just that it rocks!!

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