Twitch City
In this great series Callum plays Newbie, who appears in episodes 2, 4, and 6. He's the guy who works at the corner store, and who later moves in with Curtis and Hope.

This show is really a group of familiar faces. Curtis is played by Don KcKellar who wrote and directed "Last Night" Callum stared and won a Genie. Twitch City is also produced by Bruce McDonald, who was the master behind "Hard Core Logo". Then Hugh Dillon makes a cameo, who is known to be good friends will Callum. Its almost like a reunion!!

Back on subject, the parts with Callum are hilarious! You haven't lived till you've seen CKR mop the floor and slide around, then later on; dance (he's not too shabby!). I really loved his role in this, and cannot wait until the new episodes start.

Oh, and the hair? LOVED IT!

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