The (Incomplete) Space Corps Directives List

Directive No 196156 - Any Officer caught sniffing the saddle of the Exercise Bicycle in the women's gym will be discharged without trial.

Directive No 592 - In an Emergency situation involving two or more officers of equal rank, senority will be granted to whichever officer can program a VCR.

Directive No 34124 - No officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero gravity.

Directive No 003 - By joining Space Corps each individual tacitly consents to give up his inalienable rights to life, liberty and adequate toilet facilities.

Directive No 997 - Work done by an officer's doppelganger in a parrallel universe cannot be clained as overtime.

Directive No 349 - Any officer found to have been slaughtered and replaced by a shape-changing chameleonic life form shall forfeit all pension rites.

Directive No 7214 - To preserve morale during long haul missions, all male officers above the rank of First Technician must, during panto season, be ready to put on a dress and a pair of false breasts.

Directive No 723 - Terraformers are expressly forbidden from recreating Swindon.

Directive No 1694 - During Temporal distubances, no questions shall be raised about any crew member whose timesheet shows him or her clocking off 187 years before they clocked in.

Directive No 43872 - Suntans will be worn during off-duty hours only.

Directive No 147 - Crew members are expressly forbidden from leaving their vessel except on production of a permit. Permits can only be issued by the chief Navigation Officer, who is expressly forbidden from issuing them except on production of a permit

Please note that lit list is not complete! I would really appreciate it if you would send me your favorite SCD's so I can add them to the list! Let's make this the most extensive SCD list out there!