An Assortment of the finest WAVs out there!

And as always, if you have any good WAVs that the world should know about, please send them to me!

This first series of WAVS are offline, as they were on an old account of mine that has long since gone the way of the dodo... But I will hopefully find them again and have them available for you soon!

"Smoke me a kipper..."

"Mister Rimmer is effectively dead!"

"It's not easy to look in that mirror and see a guy nobody likes..."

"Better Dead than Smeg!"

"There's three realistic alternatives: 1: Sit here and get blown up..."

"They call me the Kid... The Riviera Kid"

"There's an old cat saying: If you're gonna eat tuna, expect bones!"

"All in all, a hundred percent successful trip!"

"I'm a competitve man, Kryten! Always have been, always will be..."

"Would it calm you to have hair like mine?"

"We'll laser our way out!"

Here are some more WAV files, some of them are fairly sizeable, and all are FUNCTIONAL!

Closing arguments from Kryten acting as Rimmer's defense 847k

Lister's confidence pipes up on behalf of our favourite space bum 39k

Lister explaining why the escape pod is not an option 55k

Kryten, after his protocol chip is removed, offering a consolitory piece of gum to Lister 56k

Kryten explaining why the time device no longer seems to work 73k

Lister rebuts the Holoship captain, referencing a sturdy holo-whip... 895k

Lister bemoans his curry-less state 38k

Rimmer welcomes visitors to a wonderful Rimmer Experience 869k

Cat compliments Kryten on his 'chicken' find 69k

Lister certainly looks forward to curry week, er, night 80k

Moving up to red alert means changing the bulb... 53k

Cat is thankful that everyone they encounter has a bit of an aiming problem 27k

Kryten fumes to Lister about Krissie's placement of her tights 704k

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