The following questions are multiple choice!(very Easy)

1) What is the name of beer that Homer loves?

A) Duff

B) Budwiser

C) Miller Light

2) What is the Bartender's name?

A) Joe

B) Moe

C) Burns

3) What is the dog's name in the Simpson family ?

A) Itchy

B) Santas Little Helper

C) Scratchy

4) What religion is Krusty the Clown?

A) Jewish

B) American

C) Indian

5) What is the name of the kid in Lisa's class that eats crayons?

A) Ralf

B) Tomas

C) Edward

E-mail me the following answers!(medium)

1) What does the cash register say when maggy goes through the scanner?

2) Who shot mr. burns?

3) What is apu's brothers name?

4) Who gets framed for Krusty the clown?

5) When Krusty(homer) gets mobbed by the Mafia, what does he and Krusty have to do to get out of it?

Email me the Following, only if you are skilled like me!

1. When did Homer have his first beer?

2. What was Homer's fake ID name?

3. What is Apu's last name?

4. What is the Springfield's founder's full name?

5. Name five places Homer has worked at.

6. What is the name of Flanders' store?

7. Who is Ralph's father?

8. Where did the Simpsons find Santa's Little Helper?

9. Who was the Plow King?

10. Where does Milhouse's dad work?

11. What are Flanders' kids names?

12. What beloved object does Homer sell to get counselling for his family?

13. In Bart's dream about the U.S. founding fathers, who is writing hisname in the snow?

14. "Channel 5 Action news with you host ____ ________."

15. Which Springfield resident was chosen to become an astronaut?

16. Who was Lisa's jazz-playing mentor?

17. Who did Moe steal the idea of Flaming Moes from?

18. Who opened up Springfield's casino?

19. Where did Homer meet Michael Jackson?

20. Why did Santa's Little Helper get an operation?

21. What is Homer's brother's name

22. Who is Ned Flanders' wife?

23. What is Bart's Elephant's name?

24. What animal does Lisa compare Bart's intelligence to?

25. What shoes did Homer have that Santa's Little Helper destroyed?

26. What substitute teacher did Lisa fall in love with?

27. What Springfield landmark was Bart going to jump over on hisskateboard?

28. Why did Bart call Australia and other southern hemiphere countries?

29. What two presidents moved in across the street from the Simpsons?

30. What did Bart write on his butt when he mooned the Australians?

31. Who has a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg?

32. Who conned the Springfield into buying a monorail?

33. Who was Homer's secretary when he was promoted?

34. Who was Bart's bady-sitter and first love?

35. Who is Selma and Patty's favourite star?

36. What is Mrs. Krabappel's first name?

37. What country singer did Homer become manager for?

38. What was Ned Flanders' job beofre he opened the Leftorium?

39. What is the Springfield equivalent to Bardie?

40. What is the name of Lisa's politically correct doll?

41. Who ran over Snowball?

42. Where does Oto immediately move to upon losing his job?

43. What are the names of the twins in Bart's class?

44. What drink is unique to Kwik-E-Mart?

45. Who is the lunch lady at Springfield Elementary?

46. What do the simpsons buy to keep up with the Flander?

47. What street do the Simpsons live on?

48. What is Barney's last name?

49. What is the Simpsons Doctor's name?

50. What excuse does Homer use on his insurance form for buying Dimoxinil?

51. What is Lisa's future occupation according to the CANT test?

52. Who is on the other line when you call 1-600-DOCTORB

53. What does Lisa steal from all the teachers at Springfield Elementary?

54. What drink does Bart make for the mobsters?

55. What does Bart get tattooed on his arm?

56. What is the name of Grandpa Simpsons friend with the long white beard?

57. What is the real name of the bady-sitter bandit?

58. What is the secret ingredient for Flaming Moes?

59. What was Bart's big brother's name?

60. What were Bart's first words?

61. What three facts helped Bart prove that Sideshow Bob framed Krusty

62. Nelson: "Hey Bart, your _________ is showing."

E-mail me those answers with the numbers on them!