First off allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tux, my real name is none of your business. I can be contacted my mailing to this address or by IRC chatting. To find me and all my buds on #x-men first you gotta have some software.

Infoseek (Just search for "IRC Software")


I can be found on the channel #x-men on the EfNet.
My nickname is Tux... type "/ctcp Tux userinfo" for the full story on my nick.

Hey, you've met me lets meet my
IRC friends.

Check this out, my new #truth1 page

If you want to find out more about ME click here

And now for the fun part... links!

Sailor Moon Links:

The Sailor Moon Nexus: You want it, the nexus has got it. Sailor Moon everything!
The Sailor Moon Newsgroup: The title says it all
The Monumental Sailor Moon Picture Archive: This site is VERY popular, it's also VERY hard to get into because there are so many users.

Please Help Save Our Sailors!!

If you need help with your Sailor Moon Pages, Click this link or the picture above.

A really cool SM Doom2 Wad file!

Stomped! The ultimate Quake Site!

Top 50 Reasons Why Quake is better then Duke3d (that's right you scummy Dukers!)

My own Sailor Shrine

My Sailor Moon Image Archive

Since I started this page, I have been invited to several Sailor Moon "rings". Go here to see all of my memberships.

So you like my Sailor Moon animations and wanna get some eh? Go here.

Wow! a new stuff page! Projects include Virtual Montreal and The Great MIME Experiment
Ge here if you want to see my collection of fiction

More new stuff! Go here to check out my LINKS page.

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