The Crew

Devon Adair (played by Debrah Farentino) - Devon is the founder of the Eden Project. Leaving all of her past, she is doing everything now for her son, Uly, who suffers from The Syndrome.

John Danziger (played by Clancy Brown) - John was to be the chief mechanic, but now since they have crashed, he has new responsibilities put on him. He even encounters love... in Devon.

Julia Heller, M.D. (played by Jessica Steen) - Julia was genetically altered to be a great doctor. And now, being the only doctor in the crash, Julia must use limited supplies to help these people survive. Her links to the Council have caused this entire dilemma, and now she must be forgiven by everyone, which won't be easy. But she does have someone she can trust: Alonzo.

Alonzo Solace (played by Antonio Sabato, Jr.) - Alonzo was the pilot of the space station. He was always a pilot. He was in deep sleep for most of his life of over one hundred years and still looks and acts as if he's in his 20's. His main downfall is now his fear of being on solid ground and no ship to fly. His one joy, though, is Julia.

Morgan Martin (played by John Gegenhuber) - Morgan is the government liaison for the Eden project. He has brought along his wife, Bess, to the new world. At times, he causes problems for the crew.

Bess Martin (played by Rebecca Gayheart) - Bess, being the only person in the group that was born and raised on our now contaminated Earth, has the easiest time of situating on G889.

Yale (played by Sullivan Walker) - A convict before the Yale project, he is now the tutor/friend of the Adair family. He teaches the children, Uly and True, their daily school lessons and also provides much needed information for the others from his memory bank.

Ulysses Adair (played by Joey Zimmerman) - Uly is the reason that everything has occurred. His mother's expedition will attempt to cure him of the Syndrome(and it succeeds).

True Danziger (played by J. Madison Wright) - The only reason True is here is because of her father. On the new planet, she explores a lot and gets the crew into trouble at times. After the death of her real mother, she finds a new mother figure in Devon.

Baines, Cameron, Magus, Walman, Eben Sinh, Denner, and Mazatl (played by Rockmond Dunbar, Kirk Trutner, Marcia Magus, Walter Norman, Erin Murphy, Denner actress unknown, and Fred Lopez, respectively) - the rest of the vital crew.

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