Other Characters

Reilly (play by Terry O’Quinn) - Julia's leader from the Council that communicates to her through VR.

Gaal (played by Tim Curry) - One of the only convicts left on G889, he befriends True and fools her. Along with his other Grendler friends, he causes a lot of trouble, and sometimes it's almost fatal.

Terrians(played by Brian Steele and Russell Werkman) - The native creatures that live in the ground and are the "curers" of Uly's sickness. They also communicate with Alonzo. At many times, they remind the crew that they were here first.

Grendlers (played by Jeff Deist and Lisa Ebeyer) - These short, tough creatures are known for stealing, but also trading. During one episode they find they have a love for something that only humans can give them: blood.

Koba - Cute, little creature which can be kind or mean, depending on how it is treated. It uses its claws as weapons.

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