Basic Earth2 Plot

Here's a quick summary of the plot (in my own words):

Devon Adair is trying to save her son and the many other Syndrome children. Their sickness is believed to be caused by the lack of living on natural ground. All of the children have been born and raised on space stations. Now, Devon's mission, the Eden Project is to colonize an area of the planet G889, a planet very much like our planet Earth.
Devon and her crew have woken up from their twenty-two years of deep sleep and now have another two years to colonize New Pacifica, an area on the west coast of a continent on G889, before the other children awake. But a malfunction on board the space station causes the crew to have to quickly leave it and they crash into the planet. (Later, it was found that the malfunction was purposely done.) Now, they are on the other side of the continent and must journey to New Pacifica. On their journey, they'll encounter Terrians, convicts, Grendlers, and love, sickness, hunger, and sometimes even death.

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