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MacFie Clan Homepage


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Crest: A demi-lion rampant, proper.

Motto: Pro Rege-- "For the King"

Septs: (some of them)Athey, Cathie, Duffy, MacDuffie, McDuffie, MacAfee, Mahaffy, MacPhee, McPhee, McPhie, MacPhie, McFie, McGuffie, MacGuffie, McFee, MacFee.
Chief: MacDuffie of Colonsay
Patronymic: Mac-a-Phie
Clan Seat: Isle of Colonsay
Plant Badge: Pine, although Oak(Darag), and Crowberry(Dearca Fithich) may have been used.
Burial Place: Isle of Oronsay
Gaelic Names:
  • Mac Dubh-shithe--Dark of Peace
  • Mac Dhuibh-Shith--Son of Dark Fairy

  • History:

    Early history of the Clan is unknown. It has been said that MacFie is "one of the oldest and most interesting personal names we possess" The MacFie's are said to be descended from a "Selkie" or seal woman, who cast off her fins to become a beautiful woman and she married the first MacFie who hid her fin, so that she could no longer return to the sea. The MacFie's are Celts, and are a branch of the great Siol Alpine. In Gaelic the clan name is Dubhsithe-the dark featured tribe. Based on the carvings found on MacFie tombstones the Clan was made up of warriors and churchmen, the Clan was also Royalist.In 1549 the Isle of Colonsay, one of the Inner Hebrides, in Argyll, was recorded to be under the sway of "ane gentle Capitane called MacDuffyhe". His decendants would hold the Isle until the middle of the 17th century. In 1645 Coll MacDonald and his followers were charged with the murder of Malcom MacPhee of Colonsay, he would be the last chief of the MacFie's for many years. The MacPhees were dispossessed and merged into other more powerful clans, where they became conspicious for their courage. Many others settled on the shores of Ireland where they were called Macheffie or Macafee. Much later in history we find the reason behind the reputation MacFie's have for stealing sheep and other such lawlessness. In the mid-19th century, Ewan MacPhee(Eilean MhicPhee), of Loch Quoich, became 'famous' as the last of the Scottish outlaws. He recognised no law, and no landowner, and defended his homestead with firearms. It is Ewan MacPhee who was arrested for indulging in sheep stealing. On May 27th, 1981 the Clan MacFie was recognized and reactivated by the Lord Lyon and many of the Clan MacFie celebrate the anniversary of this day.

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