Look for Stewardess Detective in your local area! In the San Francisco Bay Area, Fuji TV is carried on KTSF Channel 26 (TCI Cable Channel 8). Unfortunately, only the generic heading "Fuji TV" is given in program listings; you'll have to sort out for yourself which shows are on, and when.

Also check out our unofficial page for Delicious Relations, another Fuji TV gem. It's currently being shown on Saturdays at 7 PM in SF.

Check out the sites for the sponsors of the show in the U.S.:  Japan Airlines and Pokka.  (Haven't found a site for Oriental Trading yet.) There's a bizarre Pokka Shockwave game at this sight; check the high scores for our listings!

Here's the feedback we've received so far: 

"This page rocks!  I love you guys...  Keep up the righteous work, dudes." 

"Pretty cool, what's the deal with the page?  Are you getting paid to do this? Cha-ching!  (The answer is no...dammit!)  I'll pass the address along." 

"Amazing!  Why have I never heard of this show?" 

"Checked out you guys' web pages - nice design, okay music, but I have NO idea who detective stewardess or the other japanese show is - you're too techno leading edge cool for this ill irish broad." 

"I'm your fan!"

"You guys have far too much free time."

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