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March 1, 2002 - As you can probably see, I haven't done much in awhile. However, I just updated the stats page to include Season 3 (of which I have 39 of the 40 episodes), and fixed a few inaccuracies on there. If you find more mistakes let me know. Also, in the future I hope to add more episode summaries to Season 2, even though I don't have all the episode numbers, because I know I wrote them all out at some point. They may as well be on there, just without episode numbers, like I have for Season 3. And, if any of you have anything to contribute to the site, IM me or e-mail me at puck71@aol.com. One last thing: the show only airs these days on Nickelodeon GAS (Games & Sports), if you want to watch it. Catch you guys later!!

May 2, 1999 - I'm up to 31 episodes compiled on the Season 3 page. Also, I'm sure you all saw the ad for "Figure it Out: Wild Style" which is the next season of FIO. Be sure to check that out.

November 14, 1998 - I've put more episodes in the Season 3 episode guide and statistics page. Also, Meagan Good and Joanne Dumas were added to the cast page.

November 1, 1998 - Season 3 is underway!! "Figure it Out - Family Style" is the same as before, but just a little different. As the name implies, in addition to the kid, there is a family member on the show also. I've started the Season 3 episode guide and statistics page, and added some new Season 3 panelists to the cast page.

July 16, 1998 - I thank all of you who have visited this page. I have been updating them, and today I have uploaded all of these changes: New cast members with updated statistics and links!! Again, thank you, enjoy, and put your slime helmets on!!

"Figure it Out" links on my page:
Season One episode guide and statistics
Season Two episode guide and statistics

Season Three episode guide and statistics

Statistics combined from Seasons 1 - 3
Information about the host and panelists
"Figure it Out" links on other pages:
Official "Figure it Out" web page
2/26/97 press release from www.viacom.com
6/09/97 press release from www.viacom.com
8/18/97 article in "TV Guide"
11/14/97 article in "Philadelphia Daily News"

Most of the information I have is from watching the show every night at 6:00 EST, with a few details coming from the Web and AOL. What's on this site is some basic facts about the show and an episode guide in progress. As I watch each show, I take certain statistics, and put them on this web site.

I hope you like what you see, and if you have anything to add to my page, please e-mail me!

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"Figure it Out" facts

Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three ("Family Style"):
1. Filming began March 24, 1997
2. 40 episodes were taped in front of a live studio audience
3. Premiered July 7, 1997, at 6:00pm EDT
1. Premiered April 6, 1998, at 6:00pm EDT
2. 40 episodes were taped in front of a live studio audience
1. Premiered October 5, 1998, at 6:00pm EDT (?)
How contestants are chosen: (from Nickelodeon on AOL)
The "Figure It Out" talent search is conducted nationwide, and auditions have been held at such locations as The Mall of America in Minnesota and Planet Hollywood in New York City. Auditions are promoted well in advance, often at local schools, so watch out for one in your area.
How much slime is used: (from nick.com)
According to the "slime guy," they uses 16 gallons per episode, although an extra four gallons are kept on hand, "just in case."


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